El proyecto SafetySenseO2 monitorizará la calidad del alimento a través de sensores de oxígeno

Con financiación de AVI, AIMPLAS desarrollará sensores de oxígeno para envases que garantizarán la seguridad del alimento para evitar cualquier intoxicación alimenticia.  SafetySenseO2 podrá detectar fallos en línea del lote de envasado, durante el transporte y almacenamiento.

Mix it! Blend it! Skincare goes BIY

Mixing facial treatments is an age-old tradition. Preparing your ingredients before applying them to your face turns skincare into a ritual. One that brings a feeling of wellbeing, of spending some precious ‘me-time’. Whether blending your favourite colours or combining different products, this active involvement in the practice of skincare is trending – and packaging …

Hot Industry Topics Addressed on the Innovation Stage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO

The Innovation Stage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and, the co-located, Healthcare Packaging EXPO (Sept. 25–27; Las Vegas Convention Center) will feature 46 Innovation Stage sessions across four stages, featuring new technology and advances from all segments of the packaging and processing market.

Pharmaceuticals packaging: safety across the board

“No compromising on product safety” is the overriding principle for companies of the pharmaceuticals industry and for allied enterprises in the packaging sector. Because of their high responsibility for human health, they are strictly monitored and have to observe numerous specifications and guidelines. No mean challenge for the companies concerned. From an economic point of …

XOLUTION GMBH Germany a world leading resealable beverage cand end company, closes €45 million investment round to set the stage for 1 billion anual production capacity in 2016 and beyond

XOLUTION GmbH announced today the successful closure of a €45M equity investment round with INVENTURE Management Pte. Ltd., Singapore to fund the production capacity increase for XOLUTION’S next generation XO2.0 resealable beverage can technology in order to meet global market demand. XOLUTION plans to use the investment proceeds to increase its world-wide production capacity to over …