Digital printing adds “WoW” to wood

Photographic-quality decoration on wood is now a reality. Quadpack Impressions, the decorating plant of Quadpack Industries, is achieving the highest levels of quality using digital printing. Teaming up with Technotraf Wood Packaging, the plant’s decoration experts are experimenting with techniques and special inks to achieve results on wooden components that inject real ‘wow’ factor to …

Cooling roller tube: un agradable aplicador de tratamientos para la piel

A la hora de aplicar tratamientos para la piel, algunas zonas de la cara necesitan un cuidado más especial que otras. Cooling Roller Tube confiere a estas zonas la atención que merecen y aúna la aplicación del producto, una dosificación precisa y masaje, al tiempo que brinda una sensación de frescor para calmar la piel.

NUORI Takes Freshness to the max

Nothing beats freshness. This is the premise of new Danish beauty brand Nuori, who has built its business around ‘fresh’. This means pure products, free from preservatives and synthetic additives, and 100% efficacy, as the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown. As such, all of its products carry a sell-by date.