home PACKAGING The European Bio-Uptake project will develop bio-based intermediates to manufacture eco-otrhopedic insoles and eco-container lids

The European Bio-Uptake project will develop bio-based intermediates to manufacture eco-otrhopedic insoles and eco-container lids

Through eco-design, reversible adhesives, reinforced filaments or sustainable pellets will be created as the basis for three final demonstrator products: orthopedic insoles, container lids and prefabricated bathroom ceilings.

Three smart systems and a digital platform will also be developed to promote the future manufacture and recycling of this type of materials. 

The project, coordinated by Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, is funded with 6 million in by the European Union, under Horizon Europe Programme

Zaragoza, 3 may, – In recent years, bio-based materials have become popular at industrial level due to their multifunctionality and high performance. In this context, and with the aim of further improving the properties of the products of the future, the European project Bio-Uptake, coordinated by Aitiip Technology Center and funded by the European Union with almost 6 million euros, will develop a set of advanced intermediate products, which aim to change the paradigm of industry and consumption. These bio-based composites will be eco-engineered and intrinsically adapted to optimize circular manufacturing processes with bioplastics and their subsequent recycling. 

Bio-Uptake materials will combine different raw materials that can be separated and reused. The project will also develop three specificsmart systems to support the manufacture and handling of bio-based thermoplastic and thermoset products demanded by the market.

The project’s bio-based materials porfolio is varied: from reversible adhesives, to reinforced filaments, pellets or foils. Intermediates that can be used as a base for the construction, packaging or medical sectors. To validate this innovative solution, three bio-based demonstrators will be developed within the framework of Bio-Uptake: orthopedic insoles, container lids and prefabricated bathroom ceilings. 

In addition, as part of the project, two training programs and a comprehensive digital platform will be created that will collect all the data generated during the manufacturing processes, and will allow simulations to be carried out.  The overall objective of the Bio-Uptake project is to ensure a sustainable adoption of bioplastic composites by driving a dual green and digital transformation in the European manufacturing industry. 

Bio-Uptake, within the framework of the Horizon Europe program, involves 13 European partners from 6 different countries. The Bio-Uptake Consortium is made up of research organizations, technology centers, academia and industrial clusters: Centexbel (Belgium), CIDETEC (Spain), SPECIFIC POLYMERS (France), Northwest Metallurgical Research Association (Spain), IRI Technology Solutions (Spain), SIMCON (France), PODCOMP (Sweden), CONFIl (Denmark), LIMERICk University (Ireland), Polimeris (France), Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

Further info: lara.escudero@aitiip.com