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How Carbon Neutrality in the Supply Chain Benefits Brands

By Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager, Asahi Photoproducts

There is significant discussion across many different industries about achieving Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050, and a reduction of emissions by 50% by 2030. These are steep goals to achieve, and no one company can do this alone. For the last century, it has been the mission of Asahi Kasei, the parent company of Asahi Photoproducts, to contribute to life and living for people around the world. Working to promote the achievement of these goals, both internally and across the entire packaging supply chain, is a keystone of those efforts.

At Asahi Photoproducts, we are proud of our achievement of Carbon Neutral status for our AWPTM-DEW CleanPrint water washable flexographic plates. But there is still much work to do pursuant to an ongoing Carbon Management Plan that will deliver reductions in carbon emissions for these plates over time, a requirement for maintaining Carbon Neutral status, and we are taking this very seriously.

As a brand owner, you might be wondering why you should care about this. That’s understandable. A key reason is that this Carbon Neutral status for our AWPTM-DEW plates means that flexographic printers producing your packaging using these plates have a reduced carbon footprint as well, and that rolls up to your efforts, allowing your company to add this reduction in footprint to your calculations and the goals you are committed to achieving, internally and across the entire supply chain.

In addition to their Carbon Neutral footprint, these plates also benefit the pressroom, with higher quality flexographic printing along with faster time to market, less waste, elimination of harmful VOC based solvents, and a reduction in use of other resources, including energy. That means that the important process of delivering packaging for your products that is more sustainable is actually within your reach, today.

To assist you in better understanding how more sustainable packaging fits into the overall picture, we have compiled an informative booklet that explains in detail what we have accomplished, how we got there, our ongoing plans, and what is meant by Carbon Neutrality. In the booklet, we also address the contributions that automation in the flexographic printing process add to its overall sustainability, and we include customer stories, such as how their companies have benefited from implementing CrystalCleanConnect with AWPTM-DEW plates, the world’s first truly automated platemaking solution, developed in collaboration with ESKO and Kongsberg, that requires one step (instead of 12) to move from raw plate material to press-ready plates, a significant advance, and for you, a huge step in reduced time to market for critical packaging.

We hope that you find this booklet a valuable and educational tool as you explore how the future of your business can benefit from the resources we have invested in the advancement of the flexographic industry.

Be sure to download your copy of this booklet here, and share it widely throughout your organization. We believe it will be inspirational as well as educational, as we all work together to combat the increasingly dangerous climate crisis.

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