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Ready today for your packaging of tomorrow

Gualapack is the world leader of pre-made spouted pouches and filling machinery and a key global player of the flexible packaging industry. To date, it operates with direct manufacturing sites in Western and Central Europe (5), Ukraine, Latin America (3), Mexico, a strategic partnership in the USA and Australia and through a joint ventures in the Far East (1).

Gualapack commitment to a better world

During the last 5 years Gualapack has put tremendous effort on developing and delivering sustainable solutions to actively contribute to minimize the footprint of the packaging industry.

The company welcomes complexity and indeed it is part of its DNA to identify and anticipate future demands, requirements and challenges.

Therefore, leverage has been made on its vertically integrated set of technologies such as extrusion, lamination, printing, pouch making, injection molding and filling equipment – enabling an effective response to the industry, environment, consumers and legislators.

Result of the above is a renewed portfolio with recyclable and compostable solutions for food and non-food categories such as baby food and fruit puree, dairy, beverages, coffee and cosmetics among others.

– Pouch5® first high barrier recyclable mono-material pre-made spouted pouch suitable for hot   filling and pasteurization
– Pouch5® first recyclable mono-material pre-made spouted pouch suitable for chilled and dairy applications
– Innoweb MONO: first high barrier recyclable mono-material tube laminate designed for personal care
– Compostable, Bio Based, Recyclable laminates (LAMINEXT® – Family) for coffee and for lids for coffee capsules

If you wish to take part in the circular economy journey with a recyclable packaging solution on shelf visit the Gualapack website where the latest market-ready solutions will be show-cased as part of the company commitment to a better world. (www.gualapack.com)

For additional information, please contact the Marketing and Communication Department at      marketing@gualapack.com.