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Ensuring fish quality

WorldPressOnline First Call – The design of the Sæplast DXS335 1,000 litres PUR container has been enhanced to become a more compact and streamlined functional container which improves handling. The reusable cold chain material handling container has been specifically designed for the seafood industry and is manufactured using a 100% food grade polyethylene double wall shell with a polyurethane insulation core.

The DXS335 continues to deliver the perfect storage conditions that maintain the freshness and quality of shrimp, herring, bait and a wide variety of other fish species. As fish are vulnerable to temperature changes, accurate temperature control is essential. When filled with a slurry ice mix, the DXS335 container will keep fish at the correct temperature throughout their storage and transportation to the processing plant.

Improperly stored fish will spoil more quickly and become unsafe for consumption. The DXS335’s temperature-controlled transportation solution therefore delivers both product safety and quality benefits for complete peace of mind.

The DXS335 container measures 122cm in length and is 109cm wide and 119cm high. As with all Sæplast products, the container can be branded through specialised colours and with the incorporation of logos for ease of identification. Furthermore, the DXS335 is also available with a variety of tracking options including barcodes, QR codes and RFID technology.

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