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Note a new way of applying fragrance for women with cancer

For women with cancer, this simple gesture is often impossible, prevented by the treatments which affect sense of smell or scars that do not allow the use of sprays. For the launch of the first perfume designed for these women, the Ozalys brand has chosen Aptar Beauty + Home and its Note system which allows them to safely reconnect with the elegance of applying perfume.

Applying perfume is a way of asserting oneself, expressing one’s personality, one’s singularity, either by allowing a trail to blossom, or more intimately when the fragrance lingers close to the skin.

For women with cancer, this simple gesture is often impossible, prevented by the treatments which affect sense of smell or scars that do not allow the use of sprays. For the launch of the first perfume designed for these women, the Ozalys brand has chosen Aptar Beauty + Home and its Note system which allows them to safely reconnect with the elegance of applying perfume.

A revamped Age-Old application method
This innovative applicator provides a new gesture method inspired by the history of perfumery, when the fragrance was not yet sprayed but rather gently deposited on the skin using a glass stopper. The Note system includes a transparent applicator that fills automatically each time the cap is unscrewed.

It provides smooth, precise and progressive application on the desired areas. The fragrance is applied one drop at a time to the wrist, behind the ears or a garment to avoid excess olfactory and apply perfume to the desired area alone.

A specific answer to make applying perfume accesible to all women
Chemotherapy affects sense of smell, and it is common for patients to no longer tolerate certain smells, or even experience nausea when they are too strong. The Note system and its made-to-measure dose help avoid saturation and inconvenience.

In the case of breast cancer, another obstacle to applying perfume are scars and radiotherapy which exclude the use of sprays on the neckline area. Thanks to the Note application method, which applies the fragrance drop-by-drop and only where desired, there is no risk of pain or discomfort, application is accurate and perfectly localized.

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