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The perfect duo: Greiner Packaging packs Henkel’s detergent innovation

Greiner Packaging is using K3®-F to produce the Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps detergent packaging from Henkel with reduced plastic content; inventory is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to a unique two-chamber technology, Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps detergents from Henkel combine the advantages of stain removal, brightness and freshness. They ensure fiber-deep clean laundry – and part of its attractive packaging comes from Greiner Packaging.

Kremsmünster, February 2018. Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps are completely water soluble and guarantee perfectly clean laundry starting from temperatures of 20°C and up. Different washing gels as well as liquid and powder detergents are combined by two separate chambers. The original packaging started in transparent plastic containers and was changed to opaque containers in 2015. To ensure an appealing appearance, Henkel decided on an alternative packaging solution from Greiner Packaging: K3®-F – a cardboard-plastic combination – which hits the mark not just with an appealing design, but also helps save plastic.

K3®-F: One package, many advantages
In the food sector, packaging made of cardboard-plastic combinations has been very popular for years. The K3®-F, equipped with a special folding wrap, is the ideal packaging solution for Henkel’s Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps. Its innovative, patented tear-off system makes it easy to separate the cardboard wrap from the plastic container to ensure recyclability. This also helps to greatly reduce the packaging weight, while retaining the stability of the container with the cardboard wrap. The 360° cardboard wrap offers consumers a pleasant feel, and can be decorated attractively to attract attention on shelf. Henkel offers its Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps detergents under more than ten different brands (amongst others Persil) in over 25 countries. Plastic containers and folded cardboard wraps are supplied separately to reduce inventory, despite a variety of decorations. K3®-F solutions are suitable for just those kinds of applications.

Sustainable and child-resistant
“The attractive wrap around decoration of our packaging solution perfectly echoes what our customer was imagining. Changing to the K3®-F packaging has also meant that Henkel is able to achieve a 100 percent recyclable packaging when separating the cardboard wrap from the plastic container,” says Robert Obermayr, Product Group Director at Greiner Packaging. The boxes are tested child-resistant, ensuring safe and sustainable handling on all levels. The new packaging has been commercially available in Western and Eastern Europe starting September 2017.

Packaging facts:
– Material: PP
– Technology: Thermoforming
– Decoration: Cardboard wrap

About Greiner Packaging
Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic packaging in the Food and Non-Food sector. The company has been known for nearly 60 years for its great skill in providing development, design, production, and decoration solutions. Greiner Packaging faces the challenges with two business units: Packaging and Assistec. Greiner Packaging employs around 4,400 employees at more than 30 locations in 19 countries worldwide. The company achieved annual sales of EUR 581 million in 2016 (including joint ventures). This represents more than one third of the total sales of the Greiner Group.

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