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KM Launches latest lidding film for demanding applications

One of the most effective solutions to food waste is good packaging: on average, packaging protects ten times more resources (in the food it encloses) than the resources used to create the packaging in the first place. International developer and supplier of innovative packaging solutions, KM Packaging Services Ltd, has launched a new lidding film created especially for demanding applications, offering enhanced seal integrity and puncture resistance. The new KPeel Flex Pet film continues to help drive down food waste in the manufacturing and supply chain.

KPeel Flex Pet offers high impact resistance even under frozen conditions, and is particularly suited to applications where food is pre-baked or cooked in a tray before film sealing takes place. Compatible with Cpet, Apet, PVC and coated foil trays, KPeel Flex Pet copes particularly well with food contamination on the tray rim, as well as any tray distortion caused by the pre-bake/cook process.

Available in 42, 52 and 62 microns, KPeel Flex Pet can be specified as standard or high barrier. Offering strong hot and cold peels, the new film provides a high clarity solution that is also suitable for microwave cooking and will retain robust seal integrity during cooling, storage, distribution and retail.

KPeel Flex Pet x 700

KM Packaging’s Commercial Director Graham Holding explained: “According to WRAP, the Waste & Resources Action Programme, the total volume of food waste increased by 4.4 per cent between 2012 and 2015 despite targets intended to turn the tide. Whilst the food industry itself is responsible for only a proportion of this waste, it’s believed that poor or damaged packaging is a notable contributor.

“KM Packaging is working tirelessly to not only anticipate trends in demand and introduce exciting new products, but also to ensure that those new products help to tackle some of the issues faced by the food processing and packaging sectors. KPeel Flex Pet is a real breakthrough in technology that we are confident provides a robust, reliable solution to protect all manner of foodstuffs, and it is rapidly becoming a go-to film for demanding sealing requirements.”

KM Packaging is constantly investing in new technologies and flexible packaging solutions. The company’sflexibility and commitment to rapid turnaround mean that it can meet demand for both high volume orders and also fast delivery on short-run seasonal products.

For more information about the company and its vast range of flexible and reliable packaging solutions, please visit the website www.kmpackaging.com or call 01832 274944.

KM Packaging, established over 30 years ago, is a dynamic, innovative and successful business meeting the demands of food manufacturers across the world. Whether you are an independent small-scale food manufacturer or an international supplier to multiple retailers, KM can meet your requirements.

KM’s technical capabilities support manufacturers in accelerating development of their own products and markets in order to drive sales. The company specialises in lidding solutions for ready meals and fresh and frozen produce, as well as reel fed and pre-made flexible packaging for ambient food, confectionery, bakery products and luxury goods.

KM Packaging is renowned for its technical expertise and broad product knowledge and often works jointly with clients to develop new, bespoke solutions to meet specialist needs.

Distance is no barrier: the UK-based company innovates with customers – from small food companies to major corporates – across the UK and Europe and as far afield as the Americas, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. KM is deeply committed to ensuring that customers have the same purchasing experience as if they were using a local supplier, no matter where they are in the world.

As a business KM Packaging puts extraordinary effort into its procurement, manufacturing and international logistics processes to create flexibility and minimise lead times for the fast moving food packaging sector.