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Tall CT Closures

Tecnocap, manufacturer of metal closure systems, produces over twenty-five sizes of Continuous Thread (CT) Closures. Most of these CT Closures can be produced in either tin-plate or aluminum. The majority of the sizes have a 400 thread finish, however, there are some that provide a taller profile.

Tall Profile CT Closure Sizes

15/425 Used in the pharmaceutical industry

28/480 Used in the pharmaceutical industry


43/485 Used on spice jars, thread provides for plastic sifter installation


75/445 Used for packing canned fruit outside of the U.S. market

70/450 (70G) Used for many food products and candles


43/485 Unlined

The 63/445, 70/450, 75/445, and 86/460 are typically lined with plastisol but can use various paper liners. The smaller sizes all use some type of paper liner. The 43/485 is often produced without a liner to accommodate a plastic sifter or shaker fitment.

Special Design 38 Tall
Tecnocap is in the process of reintroducing a custom size, the 38 Tall CT. It was specifically designed to fit a new aluminum beverage container produced by CCL Container of Hermitage, PA. The 38 Tall has a unique thread, designed to match the plastic thread installed on the neck of the aluminum bottle.


38 Tall
38 Tall

All of the Tall CT closures can be produced in any color or decorated with limitless graphics. Embossing is also possible. Some special applications may require a perforation or further aftermarket customizing such as a pour spout or dispenser pump.

70G with pump installed post production
70G with pump installed post production

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