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UN-II and UN-III certification marks for Bag-in-Box container

In cooperation with Mobil Den Hartog, authorized dealer in the Netherlands for Mobil lubricants, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, producer of solid board and solid board packaging, developed the revolutionary 20 liter Bag-in- Box-solution. The container recently passed some major UN-tests and has been approved for UN-II and UN- III class liquids. Bag-in-Box may now be used to contain goods with medium danger (UN-II) and goods with low danger (UN-III).

The whole test procedure included tests on pressure buildup, dropping, piling and leak tightness. The tests show that the Bag-in-Box containing for example motor oil can be used at temperatures of 55°C (131°F). It is also safe to create piles with this container that are 3 meter (9 ft.) high. Bag-in-Box can be used for land and sea transport of UN-II and UN-III liquids.

In 2014, together with Mobil Den Hartog and Kwikfit, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS (formerly Smurfit Kappa Solid Board Packaging) developed the innovative Bag-in-Box system for the storage and use of motor oil in car service stations. Garage managers may use this system for a more efficient stock management of their oil products and improve their environmental performance. The Bag-in-Box system consists of a plastic bag (20 liters) with faucet that is protected by a recyclable FSC solid board container. SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS developed the exceptional construction of the box which ensures that less than 0.5% oil is left in the bag. After the oil has been used, the solid board and the plastic bag can be handed in for separate collection of waste. In the Netherlands almost 300 car service stations already use the Bag-in-Box system successfully.

An example of the successful introduction of the Bag-in-Box system is the ‘Highly Recommended’ status that Mobil Den Hartog acquired during ExxonMobil’s Distributor Excellence Category Award 2015. The container also won the Smurfit Kappa Innovation Award 2014 and was nominated for the Dave Bebelaar Duurzaamheid Award 2015 (for sustainable products).


Thanks to the Bag-in-Box, garage managers no longer have to store huge amounts of oil as the concept covers all car brands and models with various kinds of oil. They can avoid the use of smaller plastic bottles for motor oil which makes stock management a lot easier and more efficient.

For garage owners a switch to the Bag-in-Box system means improved customer service but the system is also more user friendly and efficient for their mechanics. Mobil Den Hartog also facilitates the filling of the Bag-in-Box system with various car fluids, which offers garage owners flexibility for storing motor oil in various containers and they no longer have to use bottles or bulk containers. The Bag-in-Boxes require less space and can be stored neatly in piles. Last but not least, the Bag-in-Box system creates less waste and saves on waste collection costs.

Would you like to know more about this Bag-in-Box system? Please contact SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS or visit Den Hartog B.V. during the Autoprofessioneel & Schadeherstel Vakbeurs (fair for professional car service and repair mechanics), booth 141, which will be held March 8-10 in Gorinchem (the Netherlands).

Further info: www.solidus-solutions.com


SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS (“SOLIDUS”) is one of Europe’s leading producers of solid board, graphic board and solid board packaging. The Company has a long history dating back 150 years and has production facilities (four solid board mills and four packaging plants) in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, as well as dedicated sales offices in France and Norway. It is the largest solid board operation in Europe, employing almost 1000 people.

SOLIDUS offers a wide range of recyclable packaging solutions and specialises in the production of solid board, solid board packaging and graphic board in various compositions. The company supplies a range of sectors including the food packaging industry and industrial markets.

In April 2015 the Solid Board operations of Smurfit Kappa in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK were acquired by pan-European mid-market investor Aurelius and rebranded as SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS.