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New blow moulding machines for milk containers from BEKUM

Machines and equipment for extrusion blow moulding (hollow-body blowing machines for Packaging, Automotive and Technical parts).

  • HYBLOW 407 DL and HYBLOW 607 DL series expanded
  • New screw geometry and higher energy efficiency

Berlin (Germany), February 25, 2016: The current BEKUM packaging machine series, with its patented and proven C-frame closing unit for electrical and hydraulic closing actuators, has been expanded by two additional models. The “multi-cavity” twin station machines of the hydraulic HYBLOW series was manufactured for the high-capacity production of milk containers for a Peruvian customer.

For the range expansion, BEKUM delivered a HYBLOW 407 DL for a 12-fold production of 200 ml containers with an 860 mm mould width and a HYBLOW 607 DL for a 9-fold production of 1000 ml containers with a 1000 mm mould width.

New screw geometry improves homogeneity of the compound
A new screw geometry enabled the optimized processing of viscous HDPE with TiO2. The new design of grooved bushing, feeding zone and barrier geometry allows a 20% increase in the output with improved service life and lower wear due to the uniform load distribution over the entire screw length. This improves the homogeneity of the compound without an additional, costly mixing component.

bekum_HYBLOW_607_DL - Kopie_1
HYBLOW 607 DL for the 9-fold production of 1000 ml milk containers

Improving energy efficiency
About 70 to 80% of the energy used in a blow moulding machine is consumed in melting and cooling the plastic required for processing. The optimized extruder screw lowers the energy consumption required to melt the HDPE to a mere 200 Wh/kg. At the same time, the drive train of the extruder is also optimized so that the motor runs with the highest efficiency at a nearly optimal operating point.

Clear plus in performance  
In addition to the energy benefits, the machines also provide exceptional handling with trouble-free production start-up, uniform extrusion of the 9-fold and 12-fold parisons as well as reproducible article quality in terms of wall thickness distribution and weight. The aluminium moulds used by BEKUM are designed for the shortest cooling times and high piece counts. Using modern, high-speed and precision article measurement technology, an immediate feedback can be given to the processing engineers and the mould maker. The efficient organization of the interfaces between customer, mould maker and BEKUM made a decisive contribution to the success of the project in Peru.

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Guido Radig
Special Journalist (DFJV)
Provvido PR & Communications