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SEAFOOD PACKING System delivers major benefits

RPC Bebo Kristiansand – Food Packaging Systems (formally Promens Kristiansand) has introduced a new seafood packing system that provides important logistical and sustainability benefits compared to more traditional packs.

WorldPressOnline First Call -29 October 2015

Comprising lightweight trays, sealing film and tray lidding machines, the system is able to pack a range of seafood products from fish fillets to shellfish, and in conjunction with modified atmosphere packing (MAP) can deliver extended shelf life.

The specially-designed thermoformed HDPE trays are available in a range of sizes and contain features such as Pyramids which when used in combination with plastic layer pads avoid discolouration of the fish from residual water and liquid. The trays ensure long shelf life without the need for ice, offering a typical 10-12 days for fish fillets.

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For efficient distribution, the trays feature a robust construction and are fully stackable – a full truck load can contain around 10 times more trays than EPS boxes. Filled trays can also be transported with other products, including dry goods, since their leak-proof construction prevents salt water from seeping out. Trays can be packed directly onto pallets using film-wrap.

The trays are the strongest on the market and offer full tamper-evidence, delivering consumer convenience and reassurance.

The RPC Bebo Kristiansand facility in Norway has extensive experience and is at the forefront of the supply of packing solutions to small, medium and large seafood processors throughout the world.

“We believe this new system offers seafood processors an ideal solution in terms of delivering quality, freshness and convenience to their end customers,” comments sales and marketing director Espen Eggerdink.


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