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Putting on lipstick, making it simpler

In terms of primary packaging, the need for innovative ways of manipulating products remains strong. Axilone has provided a response to the problem of putting on lipstick which is based on simplicity and low production costs, as shown by this packaging patented by the company.

Putting on lipstick made easier.
« Controlling the feasibility of packaging techniques, finding the industrial solution internally, and remaining in touch with market needs » is the credo of Jean-Paul Dénécé, Head of Innovation at Axilone.

To provide a solution to the requirements of mass market brands generating large volumes and targeting young female consumers, Axilone has imagined a « One Hand » lipstick.

Its originality: made on one piece, the base and the top connected by a hinge. The design has its advantages in terms of production costs.

To use it, simply raise the top and turn the mechanism accessible through a window, all with one hand:  a new, innovative and practical gesture.

This one handed manipulation reflects a general trend in behaviour: doing several things at the same time! On the telephone, in the car, while walking, women check the way they look, put on make-up, mascara and perfume*. Re-doing lipstick is the task repeated most often.

Made in Polypropylene (PP), the lipstick can be finished with a chape metal trimming in aluminium to satisfy the needs of more selective markets.


Innovation and industrial skill s and know-how
At Axilone, innovation is an essential feature of any industrial solution. The expertise of this industrial company, specialised in  making stoppers and lipstick tubes, covers the whole process or plastic injection moulding and aluminium stamping: design, moulding, production, assembly and all types of finishings and decorations: anodising, metal plating, lacquering, tampography pad printing, hot stamping, engraving….

* The same inspiration for Vaposphère, a solution for a stopper for a perfume bottle, manipulated with one hand, also patented by Axilone.