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Looking Good, Feeling Good

A range of deodorants from Ziaja is using RPC Bramlage’s 60 ml Roll On to deliver user-friendliness and a high quality on-shelf presence. WorldPressOnline First Call – 17 September 2015 

Ziaja Ltd is a Polish producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body and hair care. The company’s cosmetics combine highly regarded traditional components, such as herbal extracts and vitamins with modern technology. Its new deodorant range provides a two-way action that both suppresses perspiration and neutralises smell to provide a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

The container for the Roll On is injection blow moulded and the cap injection moulded in polypropylene. The pack offers an attractive modern design and is personalised through the use of colour coding for the different products in the range. It is easy to handle, offering maximum convenience for the end-user.


“We are delighted with the Roll On pack,” comments Ziaja. “It looks good on-shelf to reflect our quality image, while the user-friendly design means easy application for our customers.

“We have enjoyed excellent service from RPC Bramlage and hope to build on this success with the selection of other packs from their range for more of our products.”

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