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COMEXI GROUP Displays The Full Range Of Solutions For The Flexible Packaging At ROSUPACK in Moscow

Girona, 26th June 2015.- Comexi Group, a leading company specializing in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, took part in the last edition of the Rosupack Fair (Moscow, Russia). Visitors were given the chance to discover the latest innovative solutions developed by Comexi Group. The company demonstrated once again to professionals its ability to offer high added value technologies, as well as its commitment to working to strengthen its relationship with clients and to supporting them as much as possible in their businesses.

One of the most significant developments that Comexi Group presented to the market during Rosupack was the new Comexi FLEXO F2 MC10c, the suitable version for medium to long runs, now available in ten colours.

The Comexi FLEXO F2 platform offers clients the ability to produce top quality printing in any market segment. From the basic model, which is ideal for targeting profitability in markets with shorter runs or runs with less added value, to the most sophisticated model that allows combining high quality with top speed for those markets where printing time and quality are critical factors.

A novelty in the field of gravure printing
Following the success of Excel and Platinum gravure models, Comexi Group launches the Comexi ACOM R2 innovative hi-tech gravure press. It has been designed to meet the market’s broadest demands, maintaining high levels of quality. By incorporating the standard systems, the Comexi ACOM R2 delivery times are reduced. Comexi Group has added state-of-the-art technology to this press, in terms of machine control and direct drive systems to increase efficiency, as well as SIMOTION by Siemens, which increases energy savings. The Comexi ACOM R2 also has a new inking system concept developed to optimize ink consumption.


A sustainable revolutionary technology that meets current market needs
The Comexi OFFSET CI8 is a variable format press with central impression drum, the very best in the world, specially designed for printing on elastic materials. A solution that responds to the main challenges that faces the flexible packaging printing sector: reducing environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency, high print quality and production flexibility to the time to market.

Following its launch in 2012 in the market, Comexi Group is commissioning the first units. Some references that Comexi Group plan to increase in a significant way from 2016 onwards due to the high interest of the sector in this innovative sustainable technology.

Solventless laminating
The Comexi NEXUS SL2 is the new laminating machine for working with solventless adhesives, and it is designed with state-of-the-art technologies for maximum reliability and simple operating. The new model is the evolution of the successful Comexi NEXUS Evo, a laminating machine capable of working at a maximum speed of 450 m/min with an available width of 1330-1530 mm.

Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser, for those looking for added value in their end product
When it comes to cutting, the technology that best reflects Comexi Group’s innovative capacity is the Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser system. This laser processing solution allows performing all the current applications in one single system, with greater reliability, superior quality and maximum versatility. This way Comexi Group has combined the whole slitting process in one single machine.

The Comexi Group laser in line is the answer to industry demands: product life increase, reduction of processes, introduction of new materials, thickness reduction, etc. All these advantages make up the perfect process to optimize a flexible package.

The Cingular Laser system is an option that can be built into any PROSLIT solution, like the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT.

About Comexi Group – http://www.comexigroup.com
Comexi Group is a family company with worldwide presence and more than 450 employees. It has been committed to machinery manufacturing for the flexible packaging industry since 1954. Our mission is to lead the conversion of the converting industry into a clean, emission-free industry that makes the smallest possible impact on the environment. Our commitment is to offer global solutions unique to a world with ever-increasing flexibility and efficiency needs. Through sustainable innovation we are committed to the research and the technological design aimed at creating products that are efficient, reliable, energy intelligent and environmentally sustainable. Comexi Group is made up of six trademarks, each one specialized in different converting processes. Comexi Flexo trademark is specialized in flexo printing; Comexi Offset in offset printing; Comexi Acom in rotogravure printing; Comexi Nexus in laminating materials; Comexi Proslit in slitting and rewinding and Comexi Enviroxi is specialized in offering the industry logistics and environmental management solutions.

For further information, please contact:
Alejandro Teodoro – (+34) 931 003 151 – alejandro.teodoro@comexigroup.com
Gemma Bessa – (+34) 972 477 744 – gemma.bessa@comexigroup.com

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