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COMEXI GROUP Reveals The COMEXI NEXUS L20000 Water Based Laminating Machine, Optimised For The HP INDIGO 20000

• 75 professionals witnessed for the first time the new finishing solution developed to satisfy the demands on short runs and fast time to market for flexible packaging applications

• The workshop was also attended by representatives from HP Indigo and BASF, who has developed different water-based adhesive products
Comexi Group opened its doors on March 19th to introduce the new Comexi NEXUS L20000: the water-based laminating machine specially designed to complement the HP Indigo 20000 digital press. A group of 75 representatives from companies belonging to the flexible packaging and labelling sector, from 15 countries, discovered the advantages of this innovative solution. The attendees highlighted the compact size of the machine, the importance of using water-based adhesives instead of other technologies such as solvent-based or solventless, the speed in delivering the product ready for packaging reducing the waste of the material and the future option of the in-line configuration with the HP Indigo 20000 digital press.


Responses for new challenges in the flexible packaging market

“Joining the HP Indigo 20000 digital press and the Comexi NEXUS L20000 laminating machine, as the result of a strategic agreement, is a qualitative leap for those flexible packaging converters who want to satisfy client demands and promote their business”, said Miquel Salvà, Corporate Business Development Director of Comexi Group.

The need to reduce the products’ life cycle and the boom in personalized and mass customized packaging’s as a marketing tool are two factors that have caused an increase in short term projects, which demand a faster delivery time. In this respect, the Comexi NEXUS L20000 will make it possible to deliver a package in less than 24 hours, thanks to the fast, intuitive machine set-up, and the fast curing of the water-based adhesives. This implies a 60% time reduction with respect to conventional solvent-based and solventless technologies that might require a 2 to 14 day set-up. “Printing with the HP Indigo 20000 and being able to laminate immediately will allow us to reduce the delivery times and therefore fulfil our clients’ demands”, one of the attendees explained.

In terms of profitability, the water-based laminating machine developed by Comexi is seen as the ideal solution. The Comexi NEXUS L20000 minimises material waste during the set-up -essential for jobs under 3000 metres- and this means a saving on costs and a reduction in the environmental impact. And if we talk about productivity, the quick changeover and the simple operation of the laminating machine allow for a greater number of projects per shift. In addition, the solution also has an automatic cleaning system which allows full wash-out and adhesive re-filling in 10 minutes. Neither must we forget the easy switch between the two functions of the Comexi NEXUS L20000 machine: laminating and coating.

The size of the laminating machine was another of the assets appreciated by the attendees. The heads of two Northern European firms told us that “Our premises are small and both the HP Indigo 20000 and the Comexi NEXUS L20000 adapt perfectly”. Also, the water-based laminating machine is environmentally friendly because it uses water-based adhesives, it is energy efficient and has a minimum acoustic impact.

Workshops in close co-operation with HP Indigo and BASF

The visit to Comexi Group’s facilities is part of the framework of the workshops organised together with HP Indigo, where the attendees also had the opportunity to see first-hand the HP Indigo 20000 press at the HP Demonstration Center located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain). For its part, BASF, one of the partners in developing water-based adhesives, spoke of “New opportunities for innovative water-based adhesives in flexible packaging”. Dr. Christoph Kiener, Product Manager at BASF, detailed the multiple advantages and benefits of water-based adhesives available on the market for different applications.

The presentation of the Comexi NEXUS L20000 took place at the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre located at Comexi Group’s headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Catalonia, Spain).

Comexi Group will officially lunch the Comexi NEXUS L20000 in Labelexpo Brussels at HP Indigo booth.

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Comexi Group is a family company with worldwide presence and more than 450 employees. It has been committed to machinery manufacturing for the flexible packaging industry since 1954. Our mission is to lead the conversion of the converting industry into a clean, emission-free industry that makes the smallest possible impact on the environment. Our commitment is to offer global solutions unique to a world with ever-increasing flexibility and efficiency needs. Through sustainable innovation we are committed to the research and the technological design aimed at creating products that are efficient, reliable, energy intelligent and environmentally sustainable. Comexi Group is made up of six trademarks, each one specialized in different converting processes. The Comexi Flexo trademark is specialized in flexo printing; Comexi Offset is specialized in offset printing; Comexi Acom in rotogravure printing; Comexi Nexus in laminating materials; Comexi Proslit in slitting and rewinding and Comexi Enviroxi is specialized in offering the industry logistics and environmental management solutions.