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Blenders’ whisky new image by Pierini Partners

A new design that enhances its development process within a framework of distinction and high quality.

Talking about Blenders Pride is to talk about a National Premium Whisky for excellence. It’s distinctive from the brand due to its delicate blend, made from imported Scottish malts, national grains and special aging in oak barrels. These characteristics become relevant more than ever because of it’s new design created by the renowned Argentine designer Adrian Pierini. The project involved not only and update but a careful aesthetic improvement of the logo.

Detalles Blenders pride_low

A packaging design as simple as refined.

The compositional structure of the label remained intact for several reasons, the main may be: it was considered that the reading order was optimal, the layout is quickly recognized by consumers in retail outlets and because it has been built and affective bond between it’s traditional Blenders aesthetic and it’s audience.

Which remained always forced along the slogan design process was the visual quality, i.e. it should reflect graphic intervention and high sophistication. Working on a top level product demanded it.

Based on this requirement, was appealed to a palette that revolves around black, gold and copper, special care was taken in selecting fonts Roman style and carefully studied the proportions of the different levels of information, slightly magnifying the logo, incorporating delicate shades of support that helped to highlight some texts over others, etc.

In all this development was compounded by not less information, a highlight of his main differential (Aged in oak barrels), which is contained within a gold plaque at the bottom as a compositional closure.

The Seagram and Blenders Pride logos are simplified and renew.

One element that will not go unnoticed by observing the new packaging is it’s carefully update done on the shield. Within the same upgrade process Pierini also acted on the Seagram logo in order to optimize their reading level, avoiding filling at print time (as it is applied in the emblem to a very small size) and get a modern general aspect. Basically the sharp terminations decreased its gothic style and distances between characters so that its recognition would be immediately.

Blenders Pride low

As to Blenders’ identity quickly changed is also recognizable. While Roman typeface family remains, the difference between thick and thin canes is more noticeable and pronounced serifs look. These changes have made the logo go from being rigid, cold and outdated, to be delicate, elegant and with presence.

The main character in the new design? The Shield.

You don’t have to be very perceptive to recognize that the main visual element of the new packaging is the shield. It has an English style, transmitting royalty and all of its components; rampant horses, miscellaneous, fillets, etc. are attached forming an elegant and attractive ensemble. To intervene such an important element comes a great responsibility, because just a simple mistake can break this qualitative perception and give ground all the work done in  other parts of the layout. In an almost artisanal measured way, were shaping each of the elements, simplifying them to achieve the best of each of them. The final result has been ideal because beyond a more modern appearance we managed to increase its visual strength without sacrificing its elegance or recognition.

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