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Applicator Is A Soft Touch

RPC Bramlage has designed and developed a special applicator for its Magic Star range of dispensers that enhances the application of a range of creams and lotions.

The new bi-injection moulded actuator is compatible with the standard Magic Star pump head and can be used on all size containers. The actuator is made of PP and TPE in order to create a soft, flexible, rubbery surface that assists in the application and penetration of a variety of dermal products into the skin.


The nubbed surface can also help to deliver a massaging action which offers additional benefits for products designed to reduce pain or inflammation, or combat cellulite.

The Magic Star range provides a combination of functionality and style in the reliable and accurate dispensing of creams, gels and lotions for a variety of applications. Its airless system can handle products of many different viscosities, making it ideal for the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

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