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PUJOLASOS Wood&Pack And Decopak Europ Patent The First Metallised Wooden Cap For Perfumes And Cosmetics

The new line, christened ‘Luxury Wood’, brings a touch of class with its exclusive finish.

The two companies have announced the new product jointly during the prestigious Paris PCD Congress.

Barcelona, 26 February 2015.- Pujolasos wood&pack and Decopak Europ have patented the world’s first metallised wooden cap, called ‘Luxury Wood’. The two companies, based in the province of Barcelona, have developed the product together and have chosen the Paris PCD Congress to announce their new patent.

Luxury Wood has been created by Pujolasos and Decopak Europ R+D departments with the aim of developing a technique able to lend a sophisticated touch to wood, while preserving all of wood’s characteristics as a noble material with a close bond to nature. The elegant, distinguishing hue is achieved using a metallized varnish, and comes in a wide range of colours and tones. The product can also have a matte or shiny finish, with metallic features added, with graded colours and personalised decoration. To guarantee the resistance of all the finishes, they have undergone the most rigorous quality control tests.

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The presentation of this new product is the result of research carried out by Pujolasos wood&pack in recent years and Decopak Europ’s continued investment in R+D. Both companies have their own R+D department to design and develop innovative products. The aim of these departments is to undertake on-going research to develop new designs, improving of production processes and of the quality standards offered to customers.

“Wood is Pujolasos’ raison d’être, because due to its unique features, we achieve an elegant and exclusive product, which is also sustainable,” states Àngel Pujolasos, CEO of the company. All the wood the company works with is certified with the PEFC seal, an international seal promoting the sustainable overall management of forests, from forest managers, companies that transform forest products, to the end customer. Through the PEFC certificate, customers receive a guarantee they are buying sustainably managed forest products, and that they are also helping to combat illegal logging.

Under the slogan ‘Decoration is our lifestyle’, Decopak Europ, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has worked in the sector since its foundation in 1990. Constant innovation and on-going research, both at industrial and product image level, enables the company to be a leader and a pioneer in the decoration of any kind of surface, giving personality and character to packaging and products.

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