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TECNOCAP, Continuous Thread (CT) Closures

Tecnocap is the largest manufacturer of continuous thread (CT) closures. Our closures are made from tin-plated and tin-free steel. Standard sizes range from 15 mm to 120 mm, most with a 400 finish. Custom sizes are available. The most popular size CT is the 70G, a 70 mm CT with a nominal 450 finish widely used across many industries such as food packaging and candles.


Tecnocap also produces tall CT’s. A tall CT, such as an 86 mm/460 is manufactured with a higher profile to enhance the appearance of the packaged product. Additional tall sizes are currently in development.

Tecnocap stocks a wide range of CT sizes in white, gold, and black with various liners. Beyond our stock products, your selection is endless. Any color or graphic can be printed on a CT closure in our own lithography plant. Embossing is another custom option that can boost the appeal of your product.

Available liners include, pulp/poly, pulp/vinyl, pulp/aluminum, pressure sensitive, heat induction, and plastisol. We also stock a 70G gold/buff with a high heat plastisol for hot filling of foods over 190º F (89º C).

Tecnocap is the third largest manufacturer of  Lugs/Twists, and a leading manufacturer of customized and stock steel and aluminum closures. Our product line includes: Aluminum CT’s, Unishell® smooth wall CT’s, Saf-Lok® Child Resistant Closures(CRC’s), Lugs, CandlePlugs, and custom closures, as well as capping machines and accessories. Closures are available in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes, along with various liners including heat induction,
plastisol, and safety seals.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Stock sizes, colors, and liner combinations available for fast delivery.
  • Expert engineering and product development can create a closure for your specific look.
  • In-house coating and printing provides control throughout the manufacturing process, and allows you to customize your product.
  • Many CT’s are available with a button top to indicate a vacuum seal.

* When plastisol liner is used, vacuum indicator button is available

Packaging Applications:

  • Consumer products,
  • Hobby paints, shoe care products,
  • Candles,
  • Food,
  • Health & Beauty,
  • pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals.

Plastisol and Retort Plastisol:
Use plastisol for packaging hot filled food products that do not exceed 190º F. Over 190ºF, use our retort plastisol cap.

Contact Tecnocap Customer Service for current availability. Most stock orders ship within three days. Call your customer service representative for all your delivery requirements at 1-800-999-2567.

Visit our website at www.tecnocapclosures.com for the latest in new products, our complete product line, or sample/quote request.

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