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Jar Is The Essence Of Luxury

The latest innovation in anti-ageing products from Dr Pierre Ricaud, part of the Yves Rocher Group, is using a Diamond Jar from RPC Bramlage’s standard range to help convey the product’s luxury premium image.

The Essence de Beauté Indulgence Body Balm is a “genuine anti-ageing product specifically designed to activate five keys to a younger skin, while treating the skin with a bewitching and irresistible nectar texture.” (www.ricaud.com)

To reflect the indulgent feel-good nature of the product, the injection moulded double walled 150ml Diamond Jar features a highly transparent outer layer, manufactured in Styrolux, complemented by a coloured inner layer in polypropylene. This eye-catching high quality appearance is continued with a metallised PP lid.

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Available in a range of sizes from 50 to 200ml, the Diamond Jar has the flexibility to be tailored to the precise requirements of each customer with a choice of materials for the outer layer and a wide variety of personalisation finishes, including colour matching, labelling, hot stamping, lacquering, metallisation, silk screen printing, sleeving and pad printing.


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