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A Perfect Storm for the European Polyamide Industry?

PCI Nylon to host the “9th European Nylon Symposium”

Oberursel/Germany, December 2014. – Massive capacity additions in polyamide raw materials, mainly in China and, based on this, globally falling operating rates combined with slowing demand and high volatility in petrochemical raw materials are the challenges for the European polyamide industry in 2015 and beyond. Against this backdrop, the “9th European Nylon Symposium” will look at current conditions in the PA process chain, from petrochemicals through intermediates to engineering plastics, fibre and films applications. The symposium will assess just how stormy it is likely to get for the global polyamide industry. Attendees will be supplied with the latest data and the most perceptive analysis of trends and new challenges in the polyamide industry. The symposium will provide decision-makers in the European polyamide industry with a review of the global context for polyamide, and give them food for thought on their own position in the industry and how competitive dynamics may change in the coming years.

Host of this annual event is market research and consulting company PCI Nylon from Oberursel, Germany. The 1½ day event will be held at the Hilton Frankfurt on 3-4 March 2015. The complete programme can be downloaded from www.pcinylon.com/nylon-symposia. It consists of presentations from international consulting companies as well as global producers and processors of polyamide, all held in English.

China’s drive for self-sufficiency in all areas of the polyamide chain is reducing trade opportunities for European producers, effectively “re-regionalising” the business and requiring a radical re-think of strategic focus for the industry in this region. This includes issues of size and location of capacity, product portfolio, and customer and market focus.

But the challenges extend beyond the supply of and demand for polyamide raw materials such as caprolactam and adipic acid. The entire petrochemical chain is facing a period of extreme volatility, raising important questions for polyamide. Will the oil price continue to fall and how will this impact on polyamide prices? How will the relative technologies and pricing of aromatics and olefins affect the competitive position of polyamide, and within the industry, of PA6 and PA66? With the emergence of new biotech routes to polyamide raw materials, how disruptive will these technologies prove for existing producers?

The “9th European Nylon Symposium” will focus on current conditions in the PA process chain and the future outlook for the European producers. The “8th American Nylon Symposium”, which is also hosted by PCI Nylon, will take place on 26- 27 March 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Like its European counterpart, this symposium will examine the global PA scenario with a focus on particular challenges for the American market.

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The triple combination of slowing demand, the Chinese drive for self-sufficiency, and volatility in petrochemical raw materials has the potential to create the “perfect storm” for the polyamide industry. Graphic: PCI Nylon

PCI Nylon is a specialty market research and consulting company focusing on all aspects of the polyamide process chain in the global marketplace, from petrochemical raw materials through intermediates to PA end-use products. To this end, the company regularly publishes commented market surveys such as the annual global PA6 and PA66 report (Yellowbook), which has evolved into a standard reference work, and the monthly «Nylon Intermediates & Fibres Report”. In addition, PCI Nylon produces expert’s reports according to individual criteria on a contract basis, conducts cost benchmarking of PA production facilities, and organizes annual conferences in Europe and the U.S., bringing together international experts from the polyamide industry.

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