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The Beauty Of Flowers, Captured In Glass

Iris, Lily, Orchid and Bouquet are the floral-themed bottles of cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack’s new glass perfumery range. Inspired by the aromatic beauty of flowers, this exciting new line offers a range of shapes, sizes and options to create an elegant and unique fragrance pack.

Each bottle has a distinctive silhouette that will appeal to a particular demographic. Iris has a strong, square profile, Lily has an elegant cylindrical shape, Orchid is a feminine sphere and Bouquet is chic and rectangular.

The bottles come in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, with a choice of collars and pumps. The caps can be made of plastic, surlyn, aluminium or, for a touch of natural luxury, PEFC-certified wood, from the cutting-edge portfolio of Technotraf Wood Packaging.


Decoration options like frosting, spray coating, silk screening and hot stamping enable countless looks to be achieved.

Info:  http://www.quadpack.com