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«Algae-Plastic” At Pack Expo Chicago

Dordan, Display the First-Ever Thermoformed Sample of ALGIX, LLC’s “Algae-Plastic” At Pack Expo Chicago
Dordan Manufacturing Company Inc. introduces the firstever thermoformed sample of ALGIX’s algae-plastic in its 3rd Annual Bio Resin Show N Tell, at the booth # E-8005. Deriving up to 70% of its feedstock from aquatic biomass obtained from nitrogen and phosphorus-rich waste-water and blend with various concentrations of PE, PP, EVA, PLA, TPS, PHA etc., this bioresin is unique in that it allows industries (textile, agriculture, aquaculture, municipal, etc.) the opportunity to capture their lowest-value waste product; through bioremediation using algae and aquatic macrophytes, photosynthesis captures solar energy and converts the waste water nutrients into biomass that can be used as raw material for composite formulations to make bioplastics. With proper investment facilitating economies of scale, this material may be a viable option for those looking for a cost-competitive, bio-based, and thermoformable resin.

ALGIX first approached Dordan at Pack Expo 2011 due to its highly-publicized Bio Resin Show N Tell, consisting of various bio-based/biodegradable/compostable resins with associated specs and environmental profiles. Ryan Hunt, Director of R&D at ALGIX, published “Microalgae Cultivation in a Wastewater Dominated by Carpet Mill Effluents for Biofuel Applications” in 2010, and “Sustainable Bioderived Polymeric Materials and Thermoplastic Blends made from Foating Aquatic Macrophytes such as Duckweed” in 2012 are testimony to the company’s innovative edge in the bioengineering of aquatic biomass. After several months of R&D, Dordan successfully thermoformed the algae-plastic, demonstrating the bioresin’s versatility and application to thermoforming.

ALGIX is located in Georgia, where over 150 carpet plants that produce millions of gallons of nutrient-rich waste water are co-located. Research conducted at the University of Georgia, where Mr. Hunt is an alumni, has demonstrated high growth rates from various strains of algae and isolated top performing microalgae strains for further development. ALGIX is in discussions with companies there to scale up biomass production and looks forward to commercializing this new technology.

Dordan CEO and President Daniel Slavin explains, “To date, few ‘bioresins’ have met the economic and performance requirements of our clients. We are excited about the potential of ALGIX’s algae-plastic because it uses industrial waste, as opposed to agricultural by-products, as feedstock; consequently, the debate over using agricultural land to produce the components necessary to synthesize the PLAs and PHAs of the world doesn’t apply as this technology literally converts waste to biomass.”

About Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Incorporated in 1962, Dordan is a Midwestern based, National supplier of custom designed thermoformed packaging solutions like clamshells, blisters, trays and components for a variety of industries.

For more information, visit www.Dordan.com.

ALGIX has partnered with the University of Georgia and Kimberly-Clark to commercialize the cultivation of aquatic biomass, such as algae, as a feedstock for bioplastic conversion. ALGIX is targeting agricultural and industrial operations, such as livestock farms and waste-water treatment facilities, as a source of low-cost nutrients for high productivity aquatic biomass cultivation. Additionally, Algix is developing customized bioplastic formulations for industrial, commercial and retail applications. Algix was exhibit at Pack Expo in Chicago, October 28-31. For more information, visit http://Algixllc.com/.