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Yonwoo’s Ampoule Program for home spa treatments

It’s called DIY beauty: consumers are demanding the option to enjoy spa treatments at home. From prestige to mass market, this growing lifestyle trend is a real opportunity for cosmetics and cosmeceutical companies who want to get in early. Yonwoo’s airless Ampoule Program offers an ideal delivery system that is smart, easy-to-use, refillable and travel-friendly.
Available exclusively from cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack (www.quadpack.net), the Ampoule Program is a set of medical-looking vials that can be used for single or series of treatments, such as intensive serums, scalp treatments or anti-ageing skincare plans. The formula benefits from the protection of airless technology, shielding it from external contamination. Unlike disposable glass ampoules, these packs can be refilled for multiple uses, making it both environmentally-friendly and more economical for consumers.

The Ampoule Program is perfect to enjoy a real pamper session at home. To use, the inner bottle is pressed through a thumb slot at the base of the pack, releasing a 0.15cc dose of product. This is applied directly to the treatment area using a cooling metal roller ball that glides smoothly over the skin.

Decoration possibilities are countless, including colour matching, silk-screening and hot-stamping. Designers can take advantage of the structure, using the inner and outer bottles for a high-tech dual-wall look.

Yonwoo’s Ampoule Program is a set of medical-looking vials that can be used for series of treatments.

Made of PETG, with a PP inner, the 4ml vials are not breakable and are small enough for travel.

About Quadpack Group
Quadpack is an international provider of enhanced packaging solutions for beauty and skin care brand owners and contract fillers. With offices in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Australia and the Far East, and a strategic network of manufacturing partners, Quadpack sources and develops customised packs for prestige, masstige and mass market customers. For more information, please visit www.quadpack.net.
Quadpack is a founding member of the Airless Pack Association (APA): www.airlesspackassociation.com.