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Frutiflan, a tasty world full of new flavours

Spanish company Expafruit seeks its place in the retail market with the innovative product Frutiflan, a delicious fruit-based dessert with a custard texture, easy to be removed from cup. Expafruit trusted EDV Packaging’s long expertise in packaging to supply the cup.

Presented during the Alimentaria trade fair, in March this year, Frutiflan has already become a reference product in the baby food segment in the Spanish market, thanks to its surprisingly mild and savoury texture, and because it is a healthy and natural product, with fibre, suitable for food intolerant consumers -fat, gluten, milk and egg free.

When the cup becomes the best ally for a product 
EDV Packaging coextrudes and thermoforms the PP/EVOH/PP transparent structure in its production plants in Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain. The perfect combination of the base material provides maximum guarantee to long preservation of the packed product without refrigeration. It also ensures ample barrier to oxygen, UV rays, moisture and aromas, thus preserving taste up to 3 months after the hot filling process, stored at ambient temperature in optimal conditions.

Providing an easy stacking, the cup is hermetically thermosealed with a flexible peelable decorated plastic film. The product is sold out in bi-packs with an attractive decorated carton sleeve, which enhances its personality and its on-shelf presence.

About EDV Packaging
EDV Packaging  are a leading company in food protection packaging worldwide. Our range offers both barrier sheets and thermoformed containers to extend product shelf-life as much as possible. EDV  Packaging  have  a 40 year track record as a partner to global food brands, with whom we have developed a close relationship, from the concept to production. Over 3% of our sales are invested in R+D. The  company  have the head office and production plants in Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, and a global sales network with sales offices in Singapore and the United States of America.

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