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drupa 2012: Heart and engine of the printing and media industry

The all-rounder of printing – more than just newspapers, magazines and brochures  

Life without printing and media is simply unthinkable – books, newspapers, packaging, instructions for use, posters, prospectuses, business cards and tickets are an integral part of everyday life. Even the rise of digital media has not displaced print media, but rather enriched it: The various methods of communication are stimulating each other, opening up new and intelligent opportunities which form our everyday life. Therefore, the international printing and media industry is looking to the drupa 2012 event with a great deal of excitement, the most important and largest trade fair of its sector in the world. Furthermore, whilst in the Western industrial countries the printing and media industry is experiencing a profound structural change, the markets in the emerging countries of Asia and Latin America are dynamically developing. «The drupa event in Düsseldorf is an important provider of ideas and the platform for exchanging solutions and successful business models especially in view of this background», Bernhard Schreier, President of the drupa 2012 event, says, emphasising the outstanding importance of drupa 2012.

drupa has been unearthing, explaining and promoting the mega trends of the industry for more than 60 years, has been setting impulses for the development in the next few years and has presented the complete global market offer – this also at the forthcoming 15th event. Whether they are global players or striving newcomers and software/IT companies, service providers from the emerging countries or the industrial nations – they will all be represented at drupa from 03 to 16 May 2012. «The entire trade fair ground with its 19 halls will transform into the biggest printing house in the world during this period. In doing so, approximately 1,850 exhibitors from more than 50 countries will demonstrate the diversity and innovation strength of their industry – regardless of whether this has to do with newspapers etc., packaging printing, commercial or functional printing», says Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf.

Foto: Messe-Duesseldorf. Constanze Tillmann

drupa Innovation Park: Smart solutions for the media industry A diverse specialist supporting programme with seminars, conferences and special shows will take up the current topics of the industry and thus complement the exhibitors’ technology services. The drupa innovation park 2012, presented by digi:media (dip), will present current, innovative and trendsetting solutions and applications for the entire media industry in Hall 7.0. The dip, with approximately 130 exhibitors, is composed of nine topical worlds. Innovative print products such as lenticular, 3D printing, electronic printing, augmented reality or the «tool kit» for cross-media campaigns, in other words the preparation of content for the media channels of print, tablet PCs and smartphones, will be presented. The special feature is the spatial proximity to the drupa cube presented by digi:media in Hall 7a – the event and conference location on the topic of cross-media communication.

drupa Cube: Trends in marketing, publishing & creation The drupa visitors will be able to obtain information about trendsetting technologies in the dip, and the neighbouring drupa cube will provide the associated content and business solutions. At this location everything will revolve around the trends in cross-media, print-based communication for 13 days duration. Print buyers, those making marketing decisions, advertisers, publishing companies and creative persons are invited. Each exhibition day has its own motto, from «Print – Web – Mobile» to the «Day of Corporate Communication» and the «Day of Newspapers». Whether it is magazines, books, out-of-home applications, dialogue marketing, packaging, electronic printing or media production – on each day there will be a half-day symposium on the various communication models. More information and tickets can be obtained at www.drupacube.de.

Sustainability: Media mundo@drupa The special show «Media mundo@drupa» (Hall 9, Stand E55) will revolve around the topic of sustainability in media production. Visitor information, live discussions and exciting presentations given by experts and industry giants (such as Don Carli, President of Nima Hunter, USA) will be offered on approximately 240 m² of exhibition space. Here, innovations, stimuli and sustainability concepts from diverse fields revolving around sustainable media production will be found. Alongside associations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Forest Steward Councilship (FSC), the European Waterless Printing Association (EWPA), the Allianz deutscher Designer [Alliance of German Designers] (AGD), the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) and the Bundesverband Druck und Medien [Federal Association for Printing and Media] (bvdm), service providers from the paper, energy, media production, process and workflow management and packaging sectors will present themselves. All of the lectures will be broadcast parallel and live on the Internet and those watching from all over the world will be able to pose questions to the respective speakers via Twitter.

Foto: Messe Duesseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

PACK PLUS: special exhibition on package printing The underlying concept of the 300 square metre special show (Hall 11, Stand D 44) spotlights the importance of integrated package printing, illustrating this with a product example: the “D” Drink. This is presented in the centre of the stand in various primary and secondary packages designed for this purpose by the exhibitors at the special show. The participating companies include: Brand Anarchists, Crown, Deco Glas, Druck Chemie, Epda, Epple, Gulpener Brauerei, Huber Packaging Group, Saueressig and the Association of Metal Packaging. The showcased results clearly reveal how a brand or a product can be supported by the choice of materials and the printing and finishing techniques.

World premiere of the 58th TDC Show The most important competition in the world on the topic of font – the Type Directors Club of New York – will be stopping by at drupa and presenting the prize winners of the current competition to the world public for the first time (Hall 6, Stand B 06). 223 awards for work from 21 countries were bestowed from 1,600 entries, 47 pieces of work come from Germany. Diego Vainesmann, the TDC President and Carol Wahler, Managing Director of TDC, will come from the USA to open the 58th TDC show on 03 May (3 pm). This year, the TDC show will be accompanied by the type design competition TDC2 as well as the new TDC Title Design, a competition for innovative opening credits and moving image typography.

Foto: Messe Duesseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

drupacity: A city sees red Since the drupa 2000 event, Düsseldorf has been transforming into the drupacity during drupa: A network of partners from the catering, retail, art and culture trade come together to make the stay in Düsseldorf as pleasant as possible for guests from all over the world. A highlight will be the vessel fit for the high seas, the drupaperboat made by the Dutch paper designer Filip Jonker which will be anchored in the Kö-Graben. The 7.50 m long and 2.65 m wide boat made from 2,000 kilograms of paper with 2,500 kilograms of sand as ballast, has been made extra waterproof for journeys by sea. Its test journey last September went from Rotterdam over the channel to the Thames Festival in England. Other offers in the city will also convey the core topics of the drupa 2012 well and in an understandable way. In the shopping malls around the Kö, artists will present their work with print and paper for the drupart project – these range from highly fashionable accessories from paper to individually designed pieces of furniture made from paper.

drupa will be open on a daily basis from 10 am to 6 pm (until 5 pm at the weekends). A day ticket costs 40 euros online and 65 euros at the box office (www.drupa.de/1130). A four day ticket costs 129 euros online in comparison to 220 euros when purchasing on site. The reduced entry fee for students and trainees is also even better online: 15 euros instead of 25 euros. All of the drupa tickets include free transportation to the trade fair and back via bus, tram and train within the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr [Rhine-Ruhr Public Transport Association] (VRR) and Rhein-Sieg [Rhine-Sieg] (VRS) (2nd class, supplement-free trains only). More information on the route network can be found at www.vrr.de and www.vrs-info.de.

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