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Advanced Cap Provides The Finishing Touch

RPC beauté is using a number of advanced technologies including gold plating to create the luxury cap for the recently launched Burberry Body perfume from Interparfums.
The new cap comprises an insert made of galvanized ABS with a pink golden rose shade specifically created for this project. The inner cap is first moulded and gold electroplated. It is then repositioned in the mould, following which it is overmoulded with a very thick layer of Surlyn. This is able to take place immediately thanks to an innovative production process during the overmoulding process at the RPC Bramlage-Wiko site in Marolles, France.

The final cap creates an eye-catching look, and feels substantial when handled by the consumer in order to reflect and reinforce the luxury image of the product.

“RPC’s sophisticated technology has been key to helping us achieve a distinctive look for the new Burberry Body range, which is essential to establish the new brand in a very competitive market,” comments Axel Marot of Interparfums.

“This also corresponds to a real trend among luxury brands to maximise quality in their packaging.”

The launch of Burberry Body is one of the largest in the history of Interparfums.

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