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RPC Kutenholz Ensures Smooth Relaunch for Aftershave Balm

Personal care giant Beiersdorf has relaunched its popular Nivea For Men aftershave balm in new packaging from RPC Kutenholz.

The product is now available in a new, attractive tube-shaped dispenser.

Creating a design which reflected the masculine nature of the product was of particular importance to the customer during the redevelopment of the packaging.

Also, the dispenser had to be visually suitable for the new skincare range for men. The colours chosen, dark blue and silver, were consistent with this approach.

The high degree of gloss on the tube enhances impact on the shelf. The grip recesses on the exterior are not only eye-catching, but provide improved grip. And the easy squeezability of the bottle enables simple dispensing of the product.

Nivea For Men’s Double Action Balm and Arctic Freeze Gel are designed to have a soothing effect on stressed male skin and give it new energy.

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