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RPC’s Euro Squeeze Range Expands

RPC Containers is seeing growing success for its range of Euro Squeeze bottles, which now includes two extra sizes. The 500ml version, launched in 2011, has proved highly popular and the range is now even more versatile, with the company witnessing growing interest in the 250ml size ideal for mustards, sauces and dressings.


The larger 750ml variety is also in high demand for a range of household products, and is suitable for a variety of applications.

The Euro Squeeze range is manufactured in PP using a multi-layer process with a special barrier layer, protecting contents against the excessive penetration of oxygen and water vapour. The bottles are suitable for hot filling and can be autoclaved at up to 120°C.

The cap design allows the bottles to stand inverted and the product to be squeezed out easily through different sizes of openings, helping to ensure correct dosing. Another advantage is that the cap sizes are allocated proportionally to the bottle sizes, offering a better cost ratio for the total pack.

Production of the bottles is taking place at three RPC plants – Corby (UK), Kerkrade (Netherlands) and Kutenholz (Germany). Caps, including a non-drip option, are manufactured by RPC Halstead.


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