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Tap-The-Cap – The first universal dispensing bottle cap for supplements

With so many (mineral) water bottlers in the market, Tap-The-Cap offers a perfect vitamin shot to enrich the water you just bought. Universal, the cap-capsule can be pushed on all bottles of plain water. You buy a vitamin packed in a Tap-The-Cap dispensing cap, get any or your preferred brand of (mineral) water and make the mixture yourself.

If you buy one of the ready-to-drink energy or vitamin drinks in the assumption that it will give you the necessary kick, you might be in for a surprise. The kick is not coming and you discover you just drank a very sweet soda, nothing more. Most vitamins and other nutrients are very sensitive and lose their power the moment they get mixed with a liquid, particularly water. In other words they start deteriorating the moment the bottle leaves the filling line.

Various companies marketing energy and vitamin drinks have developed solutions for this problem. But ingenious or not these dispensing caps have all one problem. All dispensing caps are proprietary of the drinks company, which limits the possibilities of wider implementation in the market for energy and vitamin drinks and limits the free-choice of the consumer.

That exclusivity changes dramatically with the newly invented Tap-The-Cap dispensing cap. The patented development solves the problem of many fortified beverage companies as it can be used by any brand. It is not limited to one brand. Furthermore the cap has the special design that it is universal, in other words it can be used as cap filled with vitamins and sold without the bottle with water, as the cap fits 99% of all still water bottles (26 – 30 mm) in the market.

A huge improvement for all consumers, who like to add “value” to their own preferred water brand!

To use Tap-The-Cap is simple: Remove the (screw) cap of the water bottle, Push the Tap-The-Cap over the neck of the bottle, Tap down on the spout, Shake the bottle, Pull up on the spout and enjoy your drink.

The cap features a number of flexible fingers with barbs, which have sloped surfaces. They are made so long so that the tips of the fingers flex outwardly as the cap is pushed onto the neck of the bottle, and the barbs engage under the extending flange of the bottle neck.

With this design the structure of the cap also accommodates non-threaded beverage bottles, by engaging with the bottle flange or collar. The design even include an extra tooth on the inside of the fingers which engages with the threads on the bottle neck by sliding over the threads as the cap is pushed onto a threaded bottle neck, and locks in place without rotationally being screwed on the bottle.

When you look at this unique universal dispensing or functional cap, you must agree that the inventors with their more than 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, succeeded in their goal. Or as Chris Simonian, CEO of Tap-The-Cap Inc., formulates it: “Our goal was to create a safe and effective way for people to take their supplements without having to swallow a pill or capsule or get taken in by those over-hyped vitamin fortified waters where the vitamins have already deteriorated in the liquid”.

This concept offers the consumer numerous benefits:

  • Absorption – Pills and capsules have a very short window of absorption when traveling through the body.  A consumer would be fortunate to absorb 10-15% of the nutrients.  Liquid absorption is much higher – around 80-90%.
  • Convenience – People would rather drink their supplements, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals than taking a pill or capsule.  Especially when it comes to children and the elderly.  The Tap-The-Cap is easy to use, easy to carry, and can be purchased as a single unit or multiple units.
  • Nutritional Value – Consumers are becoming more aware of what goes into their body. They are becoming more educated about the sugar, fat and calorie content of these fortified beverages and vitamin waters.  With the Tap-The-Cap consumers now have more freedom and control over what they put into their body.
  • Loyalty – Most consumers have a stark preference for a water brand, and they want to stick with that brand.  As Tap-The-Cap fits onto virtually all well-known brands of bottled water, the consumer doesn’t have to change from its favourite brand of drinking water, rather Tap-The-Cap gives him the option to enhance or supercharge it.  With other dispensing caps, the consumer has to buy their water as well.
  • Results – Consumer want to feel the results of their vitamins. The Tap-The-Cap holds 9.5 grams of powder – more than enough for any manufacturer to put in a supplement that can produce real results.
  • Everything from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, from anti-aging to anti-oxidants, from vitamins to functional supplements, from male potency to stem cell stimulants, from energy to relaxation and so on can be packed and properly dispensed by the Tap-The-Cap.

For more information visit: http://www.tapthecap.com/

Jeannine Simonian – CFO
Tap the Cap, Inc.
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e-mail: info@tapthecap.com