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Trust-it won the «Oscar de l’Emballage 2011»

In the past few days Arjowiggins Security has been recognized for its innovation in product development, and the great potential of one of its newest solutions for clients.

The honor from the ‘Oscars de l’Emballage’, awarded by France’s Emballage Magazine, (‘Packaging Magazine’) for top innovation, was presented at the end of November. The company’s innovative product, a leap forward in secure tape technologies, wraps together a host of key advances in materials technology to offer excellent ease of use, comfort, and breakthrough security.

Trust It tape is an evolution of the application of materials heretofore used only for Arjowiggins Security’s most demanding customers, a unique tamper evident material that provides a seal guarantee. By integrating this technology into a personalized tape product, clients can be sure both of the origins of the tape, and that a package has never been opened and then resealed. Assurance of integrity from source to destination can be hugely important to critical shipments; this tape rips apart if lifted up, and thus locks down the contents of important packages. It holds packaging together in a unique manner, giving greater packing stability, and preventing slippage of boxes and cartons. Trust It is only produced by Arjowiggins Security, so if you see your company’s personalized Trust It tape intact on the package, you will know the contents have arrived safely.

For the user, Trust It tape is a great improvement in terms of usability and comfort. Its material qualities make it quiet to unwind and apply, without the typical screeching opening associated with packaging tape. For users in environments where there is heavy and frequent tape use, long-term exposure to this noise can become an important auditory safety issue. Of course, in terms of basic qualities of a tape, Trust It more than keeps its own, closing and holding packages closed as it should, whilst even also holding stacked objects in position with the non-slip properties of the non-glued face.

Trust It is being commercialized through the Arjowiggins Security network, from whom more information can be found. Contact a sales person or visit the company’s website to learn more.   http://www.security.arjowiggins.com/EN/index.php