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The unique design of BERICAPs closure makes the difference

Hai Tian increased their sales after converting to new package.Hai Tian (Group HADAY) is the largest soy sauce manufacturer in China, with a filling capacity more than half a million tons per year. In 2005, Hai Tian set up a new plant in Gao Ming Industrial Estate in Guangdong Province, with a plan to eventually have a capacity of 2 million tons. Once this plant is completed, it will become the largest Soy Sauce and condiment company in China and in the world.

New closure project
Hai Tian contacted BERICAP China to develop a new closure for their premier brand “Yi Ping Xiang”, which is packed in 500 ml glass bottle with 36mm neck. BERICAP designed the CTC H IP 36/22, which is a two pieces cap, offering a double tamper evidence with tear-off band (two ways to open for right-hand and left-hand consumers) and a tear-off membrane, an active hinge, a marguerite flow control and a state of the art anti-sabotage feature. To guarantee against potential leakage issues due to hot filling in glass bottles, the new Bericap 36mm CTC H IP was featured with a special liner.

Since May 2011 Bericap China delivers the new CTC H IP 36/22 closure to Hai Tian. Hai Tian is very satisfied with the new closure appearance and received positive feedback from the consumers. The unique design of the cap makes Hai Tian’s products different from other competitors. Consequently, their sales have increased because of the new package.

Success for the customer and for BERICAP China
Currently Hai Tian has transferred their production from their old plant to their new Gao Ming plant and run a new high speed Krones line to fill this 500ml premier soy sauce product.

As the sole supplier of Hai Tian and in order to meet this customer’s demand, Bericap China has now invested in a 2nd production line to follow the high demand. This second production line is expected to start up in November 2011, ahead of the customer demand in the next peak season which is the coming Chinese New Year.

Some new closures developments are planned for 2012.

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