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How to package securely in a tinplate can ?

The answer: use an steel container with a hologram design…
SKV Holographic can, is an steel container with a hologram design on the bottom incorporating a company logo.

SKF, the leading global supplier of bearings and seals, discovered that illegal copies had been made of its cans of high performance grease.

Inferior lower grade grease was being substituted and this was having a detrimental effect upon its sales and reputation as well as proving a potentially costly, even dangerous, problem for those who bought the sub-standard grease. In order to distinguish the genuine SKF can from fake alternatives, SKF worked together with Crown Speciality Packaging and Corus to create a unique hologram design for the bottom of the can using Protact® Holographic.

The holographic design incorporating the SKF logo provides a unique, distinguishing feature for the SKF can.

The introduction of the new can has killed the sales of the counterfeit cans of grease which had started appearing in 2004 and early 2005.
Protact® Holographic is a combination of high quality PE film that is heat sealed to a tinplate substrate. The film layer carries a technically advanced micro-embossed aluminised resin that captures the holographic images.

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