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Innovative Bioplastics offer new varieties of applications for injection moulding

Bioplastics‘ producer FKuR Kunststoff GmbH will be presenting a wide range of biodegradable, biobased and natural fibre reinforced compounds at  Fakuma 2011, in hall 5, booth 5211 (co-exhibitor at Ultrapolymers Germany GmbH). Currently, these compounds offer a wide range of possibilities.

FKuR now presents its further developments of the cellulose acetate based Biograde® products. The highlight of this development is Biograde® V 2091 which is a completely transparent injection mouldable grade that has been developed for thin wall parts with long flow paths. Along with its high transparency, Biograde® V 2091 stands out due to its smooth and shiny surface. Moreover, especially for thin walled parts, it out performs standard polystyrene (PS) as to flexibility and heat distortion temperature.

With these extended properties, the product line Biograde® sets new standards and allows for the realization of diverse applications within the electronic and household appliances sector.

Bioplastics are a unique class of materials which are based on renewable resources or which enable the biodegradability of products made from these polymers.

About FKuR:
FKuR is a leading producer of biopolymer resins/blends for flexible packaging (Bio-Flex®) and rigid applications (Biograde®). The cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, Oberhausen, Germany, guarantees our innovation, know-how and quality. For further information about FKuR refer to our website www.fkur.com

FAKUMA international trade fair for plastics processing. – From 18th through the 22nd of October, 2011. Friedrichshafen Germany