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Dexxon Teams Up with Crown to Create Novel Intuix Ink Cartridge…

Striking Tin Differentiates Brand, Helps Open up New Markets and Discourages Theft

CROWN Speciality Packaging, an affiliate of Crown Holdings, Inc. , announces that the Dexxon Group, a leading international distributor of office and IT supplies, has launched a new promotional package for Intuix brand ink cartridges. The sleek tinplate canister from Crown features an easy-open lid and makes a definitive break from existing inkjet packaging trends.

The canister provides 20 percent greater volume than traditional blister packs, creating the ability to package multiple cartridges in a single container. The Intuix promotional canister contains one black ink cartridge and two color cartridges, in addition to a bonus cartridge and elegant pen with light fixture.

«We wanted to create a promotional package that would convey a sense of quality to our customers and help to differentiate Intuix from the competition,» explained Thierry Montier, Product Manager at Intuix. «Crown helped us to achieve these goals. Since launching this promotion, we have been able to grow market share in a variety of markets and countries.»

Designed for prominent display at point-of-sale, the canister features the brand image of a woman’s face and the Intuix name in large letters on its side, accentuated with a special embossing feature. Variable printing enabled the canisters to communicate compatibility with different printer models: a red square indicates the cartridges are suitable for Canon printers; a blue circle for Epson printers, a yellow triangle for HP printers, and a green rectangle for Lexmark printers. All container text is printed in English and French.

In addition to generating shelf appeal, the metal packaging discourages theft. While blister-packed ink cartridges are frequently stolen from store shelves, this packaging format makes the product more difficult to pilfer due to its distinctive shape and tinplate’s tendency to trigger some alarm devices.

Currently available in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany at retail stores & resellers, the Intuix promotion has enjoyed market success since its launch. In fact, five times as many canisters as had been originally forecast have been produced. The promotion has helped Dexxon break into new markets abroad, expanding the reach of the Intuix brand.

About Dexxon Group

Dexxon Group is a leading distributor of equipment and supplies for the office. Dexxon covers more than 50 countries worldwide through its five European and U.S. offices. Dexxon Group revenues exceed US$600 million and the company employs more than 550 people worldwide.

About Crown Holdings, Inc.

Crown Holdings, Inc., through its affiliated companies, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. World headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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