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Sustainability Gets Clear

New transparent and flexible biopolymer for blown film extrusion

FKuR has launched a new transparent, flexible biopolymer. Called Bio-Flex® F 2201 CL this material contains a high content of renewable resources and, in line with the other resins in the Bio-Flex® family, can be processed easily on standard LDPE blown film lines and converting equipment.

With a renewable resource content of approximately 60 % this grade is a consistent further development of the Bio-Flex® family. Its mechanical properties exhibit a high elongation and flexibility along with good puncture resistance. Consequently Bio-Flex® F 2201 CL can ideally be used to adjust the properties of all the available Bio-Flex® family resins. However, due to its good interply strength, Bio-Flex® F 2201 CL is recommended to be used as a mid-layer in a co-extruded structure. As a result of its mechanical properties it is the perfect partner for Bio-Flex® A 4100 CL in a transparent 3-layer combination. Bio-Flex® A 4100 CL is a clear but stiff material with properties comparable to PP.

The combination of these two transparent grades offers superb and unmatched clarity for a biodegradable blown film available today while maintaining a very high content of renewable resource material. This is between 60 – 80% depending on the variation of polymers of the final structure. As both polymers are clear, the transparency of a 20µm film, for example, is close to 91% (light transmission figure). The toughness and high tear resistance are the result of the core Bio-Flex® F 2201 CL layer and the renewable content of a 20 micron 3-layer structure with a layer ratio of 20 / 60 / 20 (%) is around 70%. Using such a structure, this film is ideal for VFFS applications.

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH will be presenting this application and other innovative products at Interpack Düsseldorf, booth F 14 hall 9 from May 12th – 18th.

Bioplastics are a unique class of material which are based on renewable resources or which enable the biodegradability of products made from these polymers.

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, Willich, Germany is a leading producer of biopolymer resins/blends for flexible packaging (Bio-Flex®) and rigid applications (Biograde®). The cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, Oberhausen, Germany, guarantees our innovation, know-how and quality.

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