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«Infallible» Technique Recognised By L’OREAL

RPC beauté Marolles has manufactured a compact but eye-catching eyeshadow pack for L’Oréal Paris’ Infallible brand.  

Launched in Autumn 2010, the new product complements the Infallible range, which promises to “fight the signs of make-up melt down” for up to 16 hours of wear. The style and convenience of the product, allied to L’Oréal’s reputation for high quality, needed to be matched by its packaging.

RPC beauté was chosen for its reputation for utilising advanced technology in the development of premium cosmetics packaging solutions. RPC worked closely with L’Oréal Paris to devise a concept that matched elegance with compactness.

The central component of the pack is a transparent 40 x 40 mm jar, injection moulded in PET-G using a small but complex mould. The key feature of the jar is a perfectly flat exterior, achieved thanks to a special cooling system developed in cooperation with sister site RPC Bramlage-Wiko. This technically demanding process permitted a reduction in the cycle time inside the mould, without any shrinkage, for a superb finish that is further enhanced by then being hot stamped in silver.

The cap is injection moulded in ABS and then lacquered in matt silver.
The effectiveness of RPC’s support was recognised by L’Oréal, who commented, “Our marketing team is very happy with the aesthetic of the product.”

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