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Certified CO2 Calculator

 The CO2 calculator, that Superfos developed last year, has received the stamp of approval from the independent British organisation Carbon Trust.

After a careful scrutiny by Carbon Trust, Superfos’ CO2 calculator is now certified. Product Design Manager Torben Noer from Superfos says:
“The certification from an independent company is important to the credibility of the CO2 calculator. Considering how the calculator can influence the development in CO2 saving packaging solutions, there must not be any question of its accuracy or impartiality.”

Large CO2 savings in sight
The calculator facilitates exact and certified calculations of the carbon emission footprint from the raw material extraction to our warehouse gates – “from cradle to gate”. The calculations are adapted to the PAS2050 standard developed by Carbon Trust which we believe will be a strong guidance tool in the years to come.
As the packaging supply only is a part of the entire supply chain, our tool also offers scenario building of the remaining process. It is hence possible to enter disposal and transportation scenarios for most of the European countries and the US.
Euan Murray, General Manager carbon footprinting, Carbon Trust, says: 
“Consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of the concept of product carbon footprint and as such are demanding ever more information. Superfos’ work is therefore an essential step in the development of a global chain of custody of product carbon footprint information. It will not only enable them to respond to the demand of consumer packaged goods companies that want trusted and reliable information about the carbon footprint coming from the packaging component but it will also allow these companies to reduce cost in undertaking product carbon footprint projects. Furthermore, the Carbon Trust is excited to see Superfos’ commitment to reduce their product carbon footprint over the next two years, a commitment that will no doubt have a material effect on the environment.”



An important marketing tool
“The calculator is both an important part of our own carbon footprint strategy and a response to the lack of market standards in this field,” Torben Noer says, and continues:
“The fact that the CO2 calculator is now certified means that it will be an important marketing tool in showing how significantly plastic packaging reduces CO2 emissions, when f.i. switching to recyclable material. Comparison between different packaging material types is still not directly available in the tool, but calculations can be conducted upon request. Such calculations furthermore need a third party evaluation to be valid for public use.
We hope that we by taking this initiative can help setting up the guidelines for such very complicated calculations and open the gates to new standards which cover the entire packaging business.”
Reducing carbon footprint
The Carbon Trust is a publicly funded independent company set up in 2001 in response to the threat of global climate change, to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy. Two years ago the Carbon Trust laid the foundations for a product footprinting methodology. Carbon Trust is now the leading organisation helping companies measure, reduce and communicate the carbon footprints of their products and services, across their entire supply chain.
The Carbon Trust designed the Carbon Reduction Label to help companies communicate the impact of that work to consumers. Companies that displays the Carbon Reduction Label are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the product or service on a long-term basis. The organisations that achieve the Label are awarded with a logo that can be used to communicate their achievements and so far 71 organisations and companies worldwide, Superfos inclusive, have signed up and committed themselves to reduce their carbon footprint.
Get more information about PAS2050, the product carbon footprinting standard:
Further information contact Corporate Communication Manager Annette Gottsche: Tel: 0045 5911 1107.
Facts on Superfos
Superfos is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of injection moulded plastic packaging, supplying high-quality packaging for food, non-food and health care markets. Superfos is headquartered in Denmark and has 1,500 employees and sales representation in 25 countries, 10 factories across Europe and one factory in the United States. All production facilities provide a harmonised European range to large international groups, which make up the core customers of the company. Together, they produce 2,900 containers per minute every day all year round.