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Una innovadora tinta para impresoras de inyección de tinta continua, formulada para soportar los rigores de las cadenas de fabricación y distribución, que se elimina con un sencillo lavado cáustico
Chicago, Illinois – 16 de abril …

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CRISTALPACK high tech air retention barrier in cellular cushioning

Enviado por en octubre 1, 2007 – 11:32 am

CRISTALPACK high tech air retention barrier in cellular cushioning

Plásticos Urpri a Mexican company with more than 40 years experience, offers the latest technology in air retention barriers. While the conventional air cellular cushioning material has single polyethylene layer, CristalPack is made with the newest, high-tech air retention barrier that guarantees a more powerful cushioning and air retention for much longer than conventional bubbles.


Flexibility, useful for a wide variety of products.
Clarity – Easy identification of the product even when it is already packed.
Latest technology in air retention barrier.
Long-lasting bubble.
Great resistance to shock, abrasion and vibration.
Excellent choice for heavy and fragile products.
100% recyclable

PLASTICOS URPRI / IFUSAL S.A. de CV – See us at ANDINA-PACK 2007 Booth 322 Pavillion 4 November 6 -9 2007 in Bogotá Colombia

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