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ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ SELECT™ Smaller Slider Clip

Smaller Slider Clip Offers Cost Savings and Enhanced Package Integrity

Zip-Pak, the global leader in materials and machinery for resealable packaging, announces the launch of its new ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ SELECT™.  Zip-Pak’s smallest and lightest-weight slider option, the slider system offers cost savings by reducing the mass of the system and enhances consumer usability through ergonomic design.

The smaller slider offers unprecedented manufacturing performance, boasting speeds of over 150 closures per minute (CPM). In addition to production benefits, the new slider also features advanced leak resistance to help keep food products fresh and seal in flavor.  Unlike other slider options, which rely on an area of pre-activation, the Slider Select does not require a small opening or a protruding finger for the clip to work properly.

The Package Realization Team™, Zip-Pak’s exclusive group of experts, works with brand owners and converters around the world to transition product into resealable flexible formats and implement new closure innovations. As the only zipper supplier with an in-house equipment division, Zip-Pak can also develop custom retrofit attachments to minimize investments in new machinery or recommend new applicator equipment.

“We recognize that our customers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and enhance their eco-profiles through material savings and manufacturing efficiencies,” says Elizabeth Sheaffer, Marketing Manager at Zip-Pak.  “At the same time, we understand consumer demand for products presented in high-quality, easy-to-use packaging. We are constantly enhancing our existing solutions and machinery capabilities to provide brand managers with innovative and sustainable packaging options that meet material reduction and efficiency requirements.”

Visitors to Zip-Pak’s booth 122 at ANDINA-PACK (Bogotá Colombia)  can get a first look at the new slider, and will be able to test its state-of-the-art design and leak resistance.

Like all ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ solutions, the Slider Select features an ergonomically designed “clip” that enables consumers to easily open and close a package. This technology is ideal for pre-made pouches and form/fill/seal applications, and can run on virtually all packaging formats and machinery configurations.

For more information about the new slider or any of the other closure options offered by Zip-Pak, please visit the Zip-Pak website, www.zippak.com

About Zip-Pak
Zip-Pak, celebrating over 20 years of resealable packaging innovations, offers seven distinct technologies that provide the framework for more than 200 patented zipper profiles. A global leader for resealable packaging solutions, Zip-Pak is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Company. World headquarters are located in Manteno, IL, USA.

For further information on Zip-Pak, please visit www.zippak.com