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The Pack & Green 2011 Prize has been awarded to ULTRA LIGHT BOX of COSFIBEL

The Pack & Green Prize 2011 was awarded on Wednesday 8th June. In the presence of all the Jury members, it was given to the Cosfibel Ultra light Box. As in 2010, this prize is designed to reward innovation in the field of sustainable development in accordance with the 2011 Pack & Green Charter.
The Award:
During the Pack & Gift 2011 trade fair, in Paris, last month, the Pack & Green 2011 Prize has been awarded to the product developed and proposed by Cosfibel: the Ultra Light Box.

Cosfibel, folding box of 85% RPET.

The jury was unanimously wowed by its light-weight cellular cardboard design, perfect for transportation. Made from a single material, it is easy to recycle but strong, ensuring optimum protection. As Gérard Caron underlined, its feel, clean angles and ability to adapt to clients needs are all qualities that led the jury to make its decision.

Case made of bagasse (sugarcane waste)

The Pack & Gift packaging trade fair last month in Paris - France

The Jury’s Honorable Mention
The jury also gave honorable mention to some of the dossiers received. Honorable mention to the Verpack Group for its Fiberform papers, FSC-certified paper and production, with its exceptional properties that offer endless opportunities for embossing pouches and boxes.

Another honorable mention was for the paper sector, particularly well represented in the Pack & Green 2011 dossiers. The jury was thrilled by the different approaches and sustainable development of the paper companies present at Pack&Green: Arjowiggins, Favini, Fedrigoni, Papeteries Zuber Rieder and Procos.

For the 2nd year of this prize, the jury was composed of professionals with different backgrounds and skills:
David COSTE, Founder and Manager – PATTE BLANCHE Consulting Agency
Gérard CARON, Founder and Manager – ADMIRABLE DESIGN
Bruno GARNIER, Packaging Department – GROUPE CARREFOUR
Jan LE MOUX, Prevention Director – ECO EMBALLAGES

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