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RPC Hits The Road With Triple R

The UK’s largest independent motor oil manufacturer has launched two new bottle variants for its successful Carlube Triple R lubricant range created by RPC Containers UKSC.
Triple R motor oil is available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles, custom designed and blow moulded in HDPE.

Both bottles incorporate the brand’s distinctive R shape, to allow for prominent on-shelf visibility. They have a visual clear strip on the side for precision measuring and a finger grip on the base, increasing ease of use.

Working closely with Tetrosyl’s in-house studio, RPC Design created the distinctive compact bottle with an anti-glug system, to reduce spills and create a smooth pouring flow of oil. The compactness of the design compared with the previous dual-handle bottle, means retailers can fit more bottles on the same shelf space.

The 1L ‘R Grip’ bottle features an extra ergonomic side-grip, allowing users a comfortable hold for a smooth pour, and was a joint collaboration between the designers to achieve Tetrosyl’s marketing teams aim of a closely linked image across the bottle range.

RPC UKSC’s Rushden site provides packaging for Tetrosyl’s extensive range of automotive products and lubricants, including the existing 2 and 4 litre Carlube Triple R bottles.

Richard Woodward, product manager for Tetrosyl, says: “Carlube’s oils and lubricants meet the ever changing demands of today’s modern passenger and commercial vehicles. RPC’s modern design and customer-friendly touches reflect that perfectly.
“The ‘R’ shape of the bottle and labelling area allows us to constantly reinforce the Triple R brand. And the compactness of RPC UKSC’s design also means customers can fit more facings on the same shelf space.”

To support the launch of the new size bottles, Tetrosyl has rebranded its entire UK fleet of 50 trucks to feature the new Triple R packaging.

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