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New Active Packaging

New ANTIBACTERIAL FILM, DERPROSA’s solution to e.Coli!


DERPROSA’s R+D+i Department has developed a film which adds Antibacterial properties to the range of Co-extrudate (300) and Antifog (307) films.

The new films are provided with antibacterial properties which particularly attack the feared Escherichia Coli (E. Coli) bacteria.
Outside lab test results obtained almost total elimination of bacteria on the packed product in contact with the film. 99.9% effective.

The new products are:
DF 301 (Antibacterial extrudate).
DF 308  (Antibacterial Antifog Co-extrudate).

The Thickness is 30 microns. Other thicknesses on request.
Reel width should be less than 1200 mm, on request.
This  films eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the film’s surface.
The Mechanical and optical properties are identical to DERPROSA’s standard film.

For more information please contact:   comercial@derprosa.es