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Braskem launches Flexus 9212XP Resin That Maintains Stable Kinetic Coefficient of Friction values

The innovative solution is the result of lengthy research and guarantees better performance after rolling, transport and storage

Braskem has just released the resin Flexus 9212XP (extra performance), which was developed at its Technology and Innovation Center to meet the demand in the market for high performance laminated films for use in high-speed automatic packaging processes. The main advantages include high resistance to punctures and impacts, low sealing temperatures, excellent Hot Tack and more stable Kinetic Coefficient of Friction (CoF) values after rolling.

Flexus 9212XP is an innovative and patented solution from Braskem resulting from a robust formula capable of improving Kinetic CoF stability after the rolling, transport and storage of reels. CoF is a very important property for the flexible film chain, since it indicates the ease of unreeling on extrusion, printing and rolling lines and, especially, on automated packaging machines. The exposure suffered by laminated films during days with high temperatures (40 to 60 °C), which can occur during transport and storage, causes significant changes in CoF values, which adversely affects the performance of various processes.

Tests were conducted with laminated films stored at temperatures of 60 C, which simulates critical conditions during transport and/or storage. The results demonstrated that after exposure to heat, the films produced with Flexus 9212XP resin maintain a CoF value of around 0.14 during 72 hours of exposure. This was not the case of films produced using conventional resins, which registered a significant change in CoF values that exceeded 0.35 after 24 hours of exposure. This increase in CoF values is undesirable, since the film cannot be used for automated packaging processes.

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