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New Scotch Easy Open Carry Handle Tape from 3M – Finalist for Innovation Award

Handles are applied to film using integrated tape handle machine
3M recently introduced its new Scotch brand Easy Open Carry Handle Tape 8643 – an integrated carry handle that functions as part of the shrink film package.  The new tape is applied and integrated into the package by the beverage manufacturer. The company is pleased to announce that it was chosen as a finalist in the inaugural InterBev Innovation Awards at InterBev 2010 in Orlando, Florida.

“3M is honored to be recognized as a finalist in the Best New Packaging Innovation category with our integrated carry handle solution,” commented Chad Henke, global product manager with 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Division. “We were chosen among a number of new, cutting-edge packaging designs for the beverage industry.”

The tape can be applied using Straub Design Company’s integrated tape handle machine, which is attached to an existing shrink wrap tunnel. The machine mounts at a right angle to the shrink wrap tunnel and applies the Scotch tape 8643 prior to entering the machine, providing an integrated carry handle on the package.

Scotch Easy Open Carry Handle Tape 8643 is reinforced with continuous polypropylene monofilaments in the backing, providing a straight “zipper-like” easy open feature. This patented feature enables consumers to pull the tabs and easily open the package. Even after the consumer removes a few cans or bottles from the case, the carry handle is still functional.  Click on http://www.youtube.com/3MIndPackaging1 to see a video demonstration.

“As the beverage industry evaluates various packaging alternatives, including shrink film, this handle option allows portability and convenience for the customer,” said Henke.

In addition, 3M offers padded, external carry handles that can be hand-applied at retail locations on a variety of products or packages.  These handles can be custom printed with logos, coupons or special offers to enhance brand awareness and repeat purchase.

For more information, visit www.3M.com/packaging or call 800-362-3550.

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