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Lenze Americas Easy-to-use Products Improve Efficiency for the Global Packaging Industry

Lenze Demonstrates Further Penetration in the Packaging Industry with Lenze L-Force GearMotors and Robust IP65 Wash Down VFD Drives Lenze Americas is pleased to announce product advances in the packaging industry.  Lenze has been producing electronic and mechanical drives for over 60 years and continues to improve as the market demands.

Lenze beveled gears allow OEMs to save energy, improve efficiency and run faster. “OEMs using a worm gear are now converting to Lenze beveled gears because they are simply more efficient,” said Chuck Edwards, president of Lenze Americas. “There are also significant cost savings due to the scalability of the motors as OEMs can downsize if desired.”  OEMs using planetary gear boxes are also taking advantage of Lenze L-Force Gearmotors and converting to helical gears.  In most applications there is adequate backlash, they run quieter and they are less expensive.

Geared specifically for the packaging industry are the robust IP65 wash down VFD drives, available in stainless steal or polycarbonate plastic.  These drives are available in a package that mounts directly into the motor, eliminating panel space, cables, cost and maintenance time.  Labeling customers can also choose from using synchronous or asynchronous motors with registration applications.

Lenze Americas’ products are utilized in a multitude of packaging applications, including: shrink wrapping plus form-fit-seal, foil pouch filling and labeling machines. Customers include Extreme Packaging, Multi-Pak and SA Power (Nederburg Vineyard).

Lenze is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology.   Our products can be found in many industries, including automotive, intra-logistics, packaging, material handling, robotics and commercial equipment (pumps/fans).  A global network of distributors and representatives makes Lenze Americas perfectly positioned to meet the motion control needs of customers worldwide.  Lenze Americas, the American subsidiary of Lenze SE of Germany, is headquartered in Uxbridge, Massachusetts; corporate global headquarters are in Hamelin, Germany.

Lenze Americas can be found online at http://www.lenzeamericas.com/.