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Klick Klack Tin

When pressure is applied from above, the can opens with a “click” and pressing sideways on the edge of the lid causes the teeth to close tight again around the body with a “clack”
Marketing & Design challenge:

The history of the HOFFMANN KLICK-KLACK can goes back to the early days of this century, when one of the company’s founding fathers brought the idea back with him from America to Switzerland. For many decades, this can was used to market an extremely wide variety of products, ranging from confectionery and medicines for arthritis patients to fish-bait. However, the “old” KLICK-KLACK can more or less fell into oblivion at the start of the 1990’s. The sharp, unprotected edges of the lid were considered to be a risk in terms of product liability. Then came the day when a renowned manufacturer of confectionery in Germany was looking for a smart, fresh packaging for a new product aimed at a young target group. This packaging had to stand out distinctly from the other product lines in the manufacturer’s range, and it also had to reflect the high quality of the contents. To launch the can with the new diameter of 76 mm, HOFFMANN upgraded its production line and gave the can a new look. The problem with the sharp edges of the lid was solved with the help of a new process, which represents an innovation in tin plate packaging. This involves a special coating for the lid, which gives the can its warm and shiny external appearance. Meanwhile HOFFMANN has widely extended is KLICK-KLACK range and offers 3 different sizes with a drawn body and 4 more diameters with a welded body, the latter being of adjustable height.

The solution featuring the KLICK-KLACK can offers the following benefits: It can be manufactured rationally, on an industrial basis, and in accordance with the latest technical standards: the price is in line with market conditions It can be easily printed: wide range of design possibilities It can be automatically filled and sealed, with processing on existing filling and sealing plants It is sealable: pilfer proof It is stable, breakproof and tight; optimal product protection; no additional repackaging apart from sales display; suitable as a pocket pack. It is easy on materials: tin plate is 100% recyclable, and the minimum of material is used for distribution. The lid is easy to open and close: removing the product is straightforward, and the can is refillable.
market response:

The KLICK-KLACK tins have long ago already been discovered by the manufacturers of products other than confectionery. Today Hoffmann supplies it’s KLICK-KLACK’s for a wide range of other consumer products like cosmetics and hair care products, cigarillos and cigarettes, pet and human foodstuff etc. It’s uniqueness adds zest and profile to to (almost) every product on the shelf.

Materials & dimensions:
Available sizes: with drawn body: 53 x 18 mm; 76 x 22 mm; 88 x 25 mm; with welded body: 52 x 38 : 135 mm 70 x 70 : 200 mm 83 x 38 : 200 mm 108 x 70 : 200 mm The HOFFMANN KLICK-KLACK tins meet the safety requirements and are approved for sales in the USA and in Europe. They meet the requirements of the European Regulations for Food and the FDA requirements in the USA and can safely be used for childrens’ products.

The KLICK-KLACK tins can be easily printed. The HOFFMANN 6-colour offset printing leaves no limitation to decoration and the number of colours to be used.

Can manufacturer: Hoffman Neopac AG
Eisenbahnstrasse 71CH-3602 Thun
Phone: +41/33 335 63 63

By: Empac Europe