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NEOPAC Puts New Twist On Patented Polyfoil Tube With New Child-Resistant Feature

Latest “Twist’n’Use CR” is Smallest, Certified Child-Resistant Package in the Tube Industry
Neopac, the Swiss-based provider and inventor of high barrier Polyfoil® tubes for the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries, has introduced a new, child-resistant version of its traditional single-dose “Twist’n’Use™” packaging. Offering a unique combination of a single dose tube with tamper evident features, the new Twist’n’Use CR is the smallest, certified, child-resistant cap in the industry.

The package works with two simultaneous movements: pressing down on the outer cap and then twisting. The outer cap freely rotates unless pushed in to interlock with the inner cap. By twisting it, an inner pin is released and opens the tube at a defined breaking point. The ergonomic nozzle without rupture point allows the user to apply the liquid or cream precisely to the targeted areas without contamination of the contents. The cap remains on the tube body the entire time.

The innovative Twist’n’Use™ system can be used as an easy spot application for animal health. It can also be used for topical applications, ointments (ear/nasal/rectal/vaginal), dental/oral care, dietary supplements, concentrates/laboratory substances, scalp treatments, superglue, flavourings, product samples or travel sets.

Neopac’s entire family of tubes are engineered with the company’s patented Polyfoil® technology, offering superior barrier properties, including protection against light, corrosion and high aesthetics due to all-around printing. Neopac’s Polyfoil® tubes are also highly impermeable to organic and chemical substances and protect formulas from too much moisture or oxygen.

Test Procedure and Certification
The Twist’n’Use CR is certified according to US 16 CFR §1700.20 and EN14375 (accepted worldwide, except in the USA). The Twist’n’Use earned Confirmation of Conformity after a formal test procedure US 16 CFR §1700.20 and can be designated as child resistant and suitable for adults.

– Test institute: Test was made by icm Institut VerpackungsMarktforschung GmbH in Braunschweig, Germany with more than more than 30 years experience.
– Test standard: Test to US 16 CFR §1700.20 for child resistance and suitability for adults
– Test persons: 100 children aged 42-51 months and 200 persons aged 50-70 (adult test)

Test Procedure:  The tests were carried out by trained testers from IVM and the children were chosen with regard to having a test group that is as representative as possible. To meet this requirement, the tests were made in various kindergartens located in the city of Braunschweig and its vicinity. The tests were made in surroundings that were familiar to the children. The children were tested in pairs, and care was taken to ensure that children would not disturb each other. They were repeatedly requested to keep trying hard to open the package. Tips on how to open the package were not given.

The children were given a total of five minutes to try to open the package. They were allowed to use any opening method they could think of. Tools or other opening aids were not made available. After five minutes, the children that were unsuccessful in opening the package were given a practical demonstration of the opening procedure, but received no verbal explanation.

About Neopac
Based in Oberdiessbach, Switzerland, Neopac is a leading tube manufacturer for the biotech, pharmaceutical and related industries. The properties of Neopac Polyfoil® tubes provide a strong barrier against light, moisture, oxygen, and organic and chemical substances, resistance to corrosion and high aesthetics due to all-around printing. The small tubes are manufactured in a Class D clean-room and are monitored for particles and microbes to certify the cleanliness of the tubes as well as the manufacturing environment.

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